April, '00 - Here is the latest Veep Bleep:

Last month's topic was "Goodwill in Ham Radio". I have had some good feedback on the content of the video that we watched. We also had the Highway Cleanup last month - and nobody showed up but myself. I have to admit that the weather was unpleasant that day, and I was somewhat relieved at the idea of postponing it. We will try the cleanup again some time in the future and please come and help out. The club's name is next to the highway, so help us keep the name of the club in good standing and do our civil duty to keep our beautiful state beautiful.

This month's presentation will be done by Dick Linnert, KB0PRC. Dick will be giving a presentation on constructing dual-band antennas. He is an expert in this area for many years and holds a couple of patents. With dual-banders being so common these days, this is very handy information.

Come along and have some fun.


Upcoming Events

Earle Cate and the LARC V.E. Team Will be conducting Licensing Exams this month on April 29 th at 10:00 A.M. sharp. Examinees will need to bring a Photo I.D. as well as the original and a copy of your License and/or any C.S.C.E. that hasnít been acted upon by the F.C.C. There is a fee of $6.65 for exams that require fees.



  • 100 Hz tone required on the repeater input

  • LARC's General Meeting will be Wednesday, April 19th at 7:00 P.M. Don't miss it! All club members are invited to attend.

V.E. Team Report

Earle Cate N0ISB

The Volunteer Examining team that serves the Longmont area would like to express it's appreciation to the club and it's members for supplying equipment for our use. Thanks for the CD and tape player and the new copier. These pieces of equipment have made our sessions much easier to conduct and less stressful for the people taking tests.

The team conducted a session on March 25, 2000. We had 42 applicants that took 61 tests. We certified 6 new licenses and 4 upgrades. Congratulations to Rick Grobe of Lyons and David Harr of Longmont for being certified as Technician Class licensees, Paul Shepherd, KC0COW of Longmont for attaining General Class, Richard Marchman, KF0LA of Jamestown and Sue Deuprey, KI0QN of Brighton for achieving Extra Class. We would also like to congratulate a visitor to the U.S., Nick Markarov, UA3YH of Russia who has achieved accreditation to become an Extra Class U.S. licensee.

The following have passed the Extra Class written exam, Dirk Mewes, KC0EXR (Longmont), Ray Boyd, KC0EPZ (Broomfield), David Fitterman, K0KRL (Boulder), John Tary, K0HPE (Boulder), Earl Ferguson, W0SEV (Longmont), Elmer Sterkel, K0UYE (Loveland), Brandon Shoemake, N5JYK (Longmont), Thomas Reid, K8PVD (Longmont) and Richael Shelquist, KI0JV (Longmont).

Edward Cline, N0RQV of Broomfield passed the Advanced Class written exam.

The following have passed the General Class written exam, Sarah Wisotzkey, KB0ZRV (Lafayette), Francesco Lecce-Chong, KC0GIC (Longmont), Mark Shoeneman (Berthoud), Deborah Mewes, KC0FSN (Longmont), Gary Doolittle, KB0NUX (Lafayette) and Don Kennedy (Boulder).

Robert Steele of Broomfield passed the Novice written exam.

We also wish to express our thanks to B.A.R.C. exam team for assisting us at our recent exams where more than one team worked.

The "Drive Thru" V.E. upgrade session will be held at 10:00 A.M. Saturday, April 15, 2000. We will have groups of examiners walking from car to car filing the paperwork for those wishing to upgrade after the license class restructuring. Please be sure to bring the original of your current license and a copy of it along with the original of CSCE's that certify your upgrade and a copy of it. The fee is $6.65. We will also be administering the new exam element tests at this session.

On behalf of the examiners,
Thank You.

Earle, N0ISB

LARCFest Update By Jeff Davis W0HCH

I would like to take up this space to acknowledge the following club members for their participation and support in LARCFEST 2000. A special THANK YOU to these following people that made the swap a success!!

Bob WA2EKU and his wife Nan for vendor check-in. Pat and Paul for the parking area. Front Door: Gordon, Millard, Karen, Dean R., Dean H., and Alan. A special thanks for these folks for working everywhere: Jeremy D., Kelsey P., Gary B., Chris M., Jim W., George and Doshia, and two new members-Ed (KC0GNK) and his daughter (KC0HIU). I would also like to thank two non-members for their help, Landon Mauck (Security) and Breanne Stones (Kitchen). Fred Pilz took care of the advertising that was a never-ending chore and John Bowman for handling the bookkeeping. Brian Steege took care of the flyers and two other guys, that were virtually everywhere in the building, Gary (WD0EYK) and your fearless leader Kevin (KB0QCX). Also I would like to thank the kitchen for doing such a marvelous job this year, Sheila Miller, Joan Davis, Jennifer Davis and Breanne, they worked very hard with very little complaints.

Without the support of these volunteers LARCFEST would not have happened! LARCFEST made more than last year. We had about 450 to 500 people visiting us this year and sold around a 130 or so tables. I think the attendance would be a little higher if there weren't so many swaps prior to ours, but I think we still faired pretty well.

I would also like to thank the BARC VE Testing crew for their continued support during our swapfest. They have been very busy as you can well imagine with the new requirements coming on the 15th.

Thanks Again for the help and encouragement from all of these people that made the club prosper for another year.

Jeff C. Davis - W0HCH

Minutes of March 15th Meeting

Meeting Opened by Sebastian KC0CQQ
  • Jeff reported LARC will do its own food for LARCFest. We have reservations for 37 tables, this within the range of past years. Flyers have been sent out with the help of Fred Pilz.
  • Jeff also reported that a copier has been purchased for the VE Team.
  • Jim Walker proposed a big hand for Jeff and the great work he has done in preparing for LARCFest. Big thanks to Jeff from all.
  • Major prize at LARCFest will be a GPS 300. Other, smaller prizes will also be there.
  • Pat will be taking care of the electronic copies of Splatter. Send Pat your E-Mail addrerss at: [email protected]
  • Jeff needs lots of volunteers for LARCFest, so give Jeff a call.
  • BCARES taken care of.
  • Road cleanup on Saturday the 18th. Show up and lend a hand.
  • Community service being worked on by Jim Walker.
  • Jeff proposed and seconded by Jim that Pat set up the QTH.net. Approved by those present.
  • John reported on the state of LARC funds.
  • Meeting was turned over to Sebastian and a video movie was presented on Ham Radio in Nepal. A very interesting film.
  • 12 members present, on record.

Minutes of April 5th Board meeting

  • Minutes of last board meeting read by Dean.
  • John reported on LARCFest:
  • Admissions 1957.00
    Tables 1552.00
    Kitchen 752.00
  • Question on whether to continue LARCFest.

  • Suggested alternatives:
    1. Raffle
    2. Larcfest
    3. Join with Boulder Club for combined Hamfest
    4. Ten-Tec sales
    5. Need to increase membership
    6. Shorter hours for LARCFest
    7. Process to get more volunteer help with LARCFest
  • The first four were the choices of those present. More on this later.

  • Jeff will talk to BARC to get their feelings on a joint effort.
  • Sebastian will converse with Ten-Tec.
  • John will work on LARCFest. Brian will pursue raffle possibilities.
  • How should we spend funds from Larcfest?
  • New controller for repeater?
  • Purchase more hats? Not at this time. Kevin will get patches.
  • Scholarship-this tabled for the present. Perhaps a radio for a member of the class who gets a license and joins the Club. Other Ideas are welcome.
  • Chris looking at new controllers.
  • Jim working on Community projects.
  • Sebasatian to talk with BARC as to possibility of holding a combined field day.
  • Gary reported that six students passeds the class. A question as to whether we should have a summer class due to the new license structure.
  • Discussion as to whether it would be advantageous to combine with another club to form ONE and consequences of same.
  • Sebastian-Next regular meeting will have a report by one of the club members on dual band antennas.
  • John reported savings of $4580.00 and checking of $1450.00, with several bills from LARCFest to be paid yet.
  • Meeting Adjourned. Those present were:
    Kevin Paul, Dean Rupert, Jim Walker, Brian Steege, John Bowman, Gary Bailey, Chris Miller, Sebastian Wessels, Jeff Davis.

New Feature

The following article is the first installment of a new monthly column that will be appearing on http://www.adi-radio.com.

What's the FREQUENCY, Kenneth?
By Ken Collier, KO6UX

On April 28, 2000 something amazing is going to happen, something that could have a profound effect on the future of amateur radio in the USA for years to come.

No, it isn't license restructuring. By April 28th the dust will have begun to settle on the license restructuring issue, leaving behind a simplified amateur radio license structure and the largest flurry of license upgrades in history. As exciting as the new license structure is, it is overshadowed by the potential ramifications of April 28th. That's because on April 28th, ham radio goes to the movies.

The new movie Frequency is a sci-fi action thriller starring Dennis Quaid, Jim Caviezel, and ham radio. It opens in most U.S. cities on Friday April 28th. By now many of you have begun to see commercials and trailers for the film.

The movie, itself, features ham radio in no small way. The basic plot involves ham radio signals reaching across time, as is evidenced in this excerpt from the official movie web site (www.frequencymovie.com): "What if you had the chance to travel back in time and change just one event in your life? For John Sullivan (Jim Caviezel), there is no question. He would undo the events of October 12, 1969, when the out-of-control Bruxton fire took the life of his father, a heroic firefighter (Dennis Quaid). Now John may get exactly what he wished for . . . and much more than he bargained for. One day before the anniversary of his father's death, in the midst of the spectacular sky storm known as the aurora borealis, John Sullivan discovers in the house he inherited his father's old ham radio and begins to play with it. Through the electrical static, he finds himself talking to a man who claims to be a firefighter and who appears to be awaiting the World Series of 1969. Is John really talking to his own living father on the very same day, in the very same house, but exactly three decades ago?"

As an amateur radio operator, it is exciting to see our hobby so prominently featured in a major studio movie like Frequency, and I see it as an incredible opportunity. Without a doubt, Frequency is the single most important thing to happen to amateur radio since single side band supplanted AM as our mode of choice. Frequency offers us, as amateurs, a unique opportunity to do something that we, as a group, are normally bad at: promote the #@$& out of amateur radio.

I am convinced that if amateur radio is to survive as a viable institution through the 21st century, that we are going to have to get the word out about what it is that we do. Think about it! If city governments and housing associations really understood the long distance emergency communications capabilities of ham radio, would restrictive antenna ordinances and covenants still hamstring hams? Or would communities instead be encouraging hams to erect towers and antennas for emergency communications use?

The problem is that few people outside of amateur radio have an accurate picture of what hams do, of what we are all about. Many people don't even know that ham radio exists, equating hams with dreaded Citizens' Band radio operators. Restrictive antenna covenants and declining number of new amateurs are both the direct result of people not knowing about the great hobby and service of amateur radio.

So, think of Frequency as a chance to educate the world about the fun side and the serious side of amateur radio. Whatever you do, don't just let the movie go by: DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Now is the time for your club to organize. Approach the local theater owner about the possibility of having a club table outside the theater during opening weekend. Pass out brochures on amateur radio. Do a HF or satellite demonstration showing off the long-distance capabilities of amateur radio.

As hams, many of us think of the exciting elements of ham radio as being commonplace. The average person doesn't. You can instill a sense of magic and wonder in people by showing them how it is possible to talk around the world without any wires connecting you to the person with whom you are speaking!

We at PREMIER Communications feel so strongly about the positive effect of Frequency that we have joined with the American Radio Relay League and several other companies within the amateur radio industry. Together, we are co-sponsoring an award for the amateur radio club that does the most spectacular job of promoting amateur radio in conjunction with Frequency. The winning club will receive a donation of a sensational amount of amateur radio equipment, including an ADI AR-147+ 2-meter mobile. The exact details of the contest will be announced by the ARRL shortly.

So get out there and do something to promote amateur radio. If everyone does their part, the impact - like the movie - can reach across time, helping to mold a positive future for the greatest hobby in existence.

* * * Ken Collier is the marketing director for PREMIER Communications, the maker of ADI radios and PRYME two-way radio accessories.