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ongoing... Fire Tower Radio - NNYARA is encouraging operation from current and former Adirondack fire tower or other mountaintop locations. There is a Yahoo group to announce your planned operation. See www.FireTowerRadio.net for details.
June 22-24

Field Day Weekend at the Morehouse Recreation Center

Field Day, the national 24 hour emergency communications training exercise, is the biggest event in Amateur Radio. The actual on-air Field Day event starts at 2 PM Saturday afternoon and continues for 24 hours until 2 PM Sunday afternoon, but we will begin setup on Friday. KC2WI and K2LML will be coordinating set up and operation. Although we don't plan to operate for 24 hours straight, depending on weather, band conditions, and number of people wanting to participate, we will be on the air late into the night, may stay overnight and/or resume operation on Sunday.

This is a great opportunity for anyone to operate HF amateur radio no matter what class license you have or what equipment you have.

You don't even need a license. Non-licensed individuals can operate under supervision of a licensed control operator. We also need loggers and people to help set up and tear down. This is also a great opportunity for general Amateur Radio fellowship. Come and operate or just hang out and socialize.

The last 2 years we set up at Piseco Airport, but for 2012 we will be moving to the Morehouse Recreation Center behind the fire house at the end of Rec Center drive off of Route 8.

Please contact KC2WI or K2LML to indicate your interest, and when you might be able to help set up or operate. Since this is a new venue, we really need help during setup.

If you are interested in Amateur Radio or emergency preparedness please stop in and see us!!

For more general Field day information visit the ARRL Field Day web pages.

Field Day preliminary results:
294 contacts in 42 states, 2 Provinces, 6 DX. Great location, mostly good weather, lots of fun. Looking forward to even bigger and better next year. Detailed results will be available later.

Field Day Pictures

July 1- 15

Special Event Station W2S for the Town of Lake Pleasant Bicentennial.
SpARC will be setting up and operating at various locations. Operators needed. Guest operators welcome.

Frequencies: 14.290, 14.031, 7.261, 7.031, 3.955/3.958.

If we operate 40M later in the afternoon, we will switch to 7.185 +/- to avoid foreign broadcast QRM on the upper part of the band.

We may be other bands/frequencies if conditions are good. Try 21.360, 28.420, 50.150 SSB and 21.031, 28.031 CW.

NOTE: Some frequencies have been adjusted slightly from the earlier list to avoid interference with or from scheduled nets.

We'll be happy to make W2S contacts on the SpARC repeater for anyone who might be in the area on vacation or just passing through and only has a HT or 2M mobile.

QSL to W. Thielking, PO Box 122, Lake Pleasant, NY 12108.

W2S operation summary (so far):


KC2WI activated W2S from Fawn Lake on Friday afternoon starting around 3PM. Fawn Lake is a 1.5 mile hike off the road, so it was a QRP activation. Radio IC-703+ 10 watts. Antenna G5RV as an inverted V at the edge of the lake with apex at about 15 feet above lake level, one side along lakeshore with end about 6 feet above lake level and other side extending partially out over the water with end about 5 feet above lake level. Band conditions were not too good at 3 but starting around 4 PM, several contacts were made on 40M. 20M was tried around 5 PM. No contacts made. Several DX and other stations were heard although signals were weak. Upon returning to 40M, additional contacts were made.

KC2WI activated W2S on 14.290 from QTH on Sacandaga Lake 9:30 PM - 12:30 AM using an Alinco DX-70T and modified G5RV at about 40 feet through an EDX-2 auto tuner. About 90 contacts were made... east coast Maine to Florida, west coast California to Oregon, many states in between, Hawaii, Canada, and several DX stations including Poland, Italy, Malta, and Israel.


KC2WI activated W2S on 7.261 from 10:30 to 11:30 and made several contacts, plus one contact on 3.955. Band conditions were changeable, with some QSB. A few additional contacts were made throughout the day.


K2LML, K5YDR, and KC2WI set up K2LML's recently completed trailer-mounted 30' tower at the Speculator pavilion about 8:30 AM. The tower supported a 20 meter cage dipole and G5RV Junior antenna. Over a period of about 2 hours, K2LML and K5YDR made several contacts on 20 meters using K2LML's K2 transceiver with 100 watts output. KC2WI made several contacts on 40 meters using his QRP IC-703+ transceiver with 10 watts output. Operations were discontinued after about 2 hours since band conditions continued to deteriorate.

During lunch at Mountain Market, KC2WI posted W2S information on qrz.com, then returned to the pavilion and put up a G5RV using lines over the pavilion roof and ball field backstop fence. However band conditions were very poor and only a couple of contacts were made.

After a swim at the village beach, KC2WI went to the Lake Pleasant firehouse and checked out the club's HF station. Conditions improved later in the afternoon and contacts were made with stations in Slovenia, Italy, Denmark, England, and Florida.  




K2PK and KC2WI operated W2S at the Lake Pleasant Fire House starting around 4:30 PM. Band conditions were very poor due to continuing solar flares.


KC2GCH, K2PK, KA2VLB, and KC2WI operated W2S at the Lake Pleasant Historical Society Museum in Speculator, starting at 10 AM and continuing until about 4 PM. Only a few HF contacts were made due to poor band conditions, limited space for HF antennas, and local QRN from nearby power lines. K2PK made several 2 meter contacts on the Schenectady and Thatcher Park repeaters using a mag mount on the museum porch roof.

Band conditions improved later in the evening. KC2WI made about 35 contacts on 20 and 15 meters (14.289+/-QRM and 21.357) between 8 PM and 11 PM from his QTH on Sacandaga Lake

Planned Operations:


Last day to use our W2S special event call.

KC2WI made a few W2S contacts on 75 meters in the morning before and during the North Country Group.

The first raindrops started falling about 9:30 AM, and rain/thunderstorms werepredicted throughout the day, and no other club members were available to help, so ther was no portable W2S operation.

KC2WI listened and periodically called throughout the day on 40M SSB (7.261) and 20M SSB (14.290) as well as the SpARC repeater.

K2PK made some W2S contacts on the Schenectady 147.060 repeater after the 1:30 net and announced W2S listening on 40 Meters but HF conditions were poor and no HF contacts were made.

SpARC would like to thank everyone who contacted W2S and visited our web site. Please send us your QSL.

Tues. July 10 Quarterly NNY Hospital Net - note schedule change from July 3 due to holiday.
July 21
Piseco Lake Triathlon Public Service Communications
operators needed - contact KC2GCH
August 5
Lane 10K Lake Run Public Service Communications
operators needed - contact KC2GCH
Sept. 6-9
ARRL VHF QSO Party and NA-SOTA Weekend - See the ARRL contest page and nasota.org for details. See FireTowerRadio.net for discussion of Adirondack/NNY activity.These events are a good opportunity for all license class hams to get involved. Most QSO Party activity is CW or SSB, but if we can get several NNY stations to participate on 2M FM then all you need is a HT or mobile, a good antenna, and a good high location. Mountaintop/Fire Tower contacts of 50 miles should be easy.
List of qualifying Adirondack summits for Summits On The Air
Sat. Sep. 29 Apple Festival @ Oak Mountain 10-4. K2LML and KC2WI will set up a SpARC publicity table and demo station
Tues. Oct. 3 Quarterly NNY Hospital Net
Sat. Oct. 13 Morehouse Rec Center Antenna installation and ARRL Simulated Emergency Test. 9 AM.
Mon. Oct. 15 SKYWARN training 7~9 PM. Pre-register   Meeting starts early @ 6:30.
Sat. Oct. 20 New York QSO Party - See NYQP.org for details. Get on the air for this one. Hamilton County is one of the rarest in NYS. People will be working hard to make contacts with Hamilton county stations.
Sat. Oct. 27

NNY Simulated Emergency Test. 1-3 PM. Simulated wide area disaster/emergency. HF net covering all Northern New York section Emergency Operation Centers (EOCs), plus local VHF nets, as would be necessary to support both regional and local operations. Goal is to have all EOCs manned to test communications within and out of hte affected areas. Individual stations will check in fixed or mobile on HF and/or VHF based on capabilities. Exchanges will include Callsign(s), Name(s), Location, Type of Station, Radio/antenna, Signal Strength Rx, Power Output Tx, Emergency/battery backup
power. Details TBD.

Tues. Oct. 1 Quarterly NNY Hospital Net
2013 Events Archive
Tues. Jan. 8 Quarterly NNY Hospital Net
Tues. Apr. 2 Quarterly NNY Hospital Net
Saturday May 4 NNYARA MEETING at Mullen's Family Restaurant on Route 11 south in Gouverneur. 10.00 am. -l 2:00 pm. Order lunch from the menu and if enough folks order lunch they will waive the room charge. directions
Saturday June 1 Public Service Radio Communications for the LPCS 5K Run.
operators needed - contact KC2GCH
June 8
Public Service Radio Communications for the Black Fly Challenge mountain bike race Indian Lake to Inlet through the Moose River Plains. 18th annual race, second year for Amateur Radio Communications. For information contact Dennis N2LBT.
June 8-9
ARRL VHF QSO Party. A great opportunity for anyone to operate with only simple equipment, by hiking to a fire tower or other high spot - see FireTowerRadio.net for details of possible Adirondack/NNY activity. This event is a good opportunity for all license class hams to get involved. All you need is a HT or mobile, a good antenna, and a good high location.
Fri.-Sun. June 21-23 Field Day Weekend

The club Field Day originally planned at the Morehouse Recreation Center has been cancelled due to lack of available help.

If you would like to attend a Field Day in Hamilton County, please visit the Bear Bait Radio Club Field day at Mt. Sabattis Park in Long Lake.

The Tryon club has also invited anyone to participate in their Field Day at Meyers Park in Gloversville.

Please see the ARRL Field Day Locator Page for location and details

For more general Field day information visit the ARRL Field Day web pages.

Tues. July 2 Quarterly NNY Hospital Net
Saturday July 20 Piseco Lake Triathlon Public Service Communications
operators needed - contact KC2GCH
Sunday August 4 Lane 10K Lake Run Public Service Communications
operators needed - contact KC2GCH
Saturday Sept. 28 HF station at AppleFestival, weather permitting. Speculator Pavilion. Contact K2LML for more info.
Tuesday October 1 Quarterly NNY Hospital Net
Thursday October 3 NNY Simulated Emergency Test. 6 PM - 8 PM. HF and VHF nets. See nnyara.net for details.
Saturday November 9 NNYARA Meeting in Long Lake. See nnyara.net for details

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