I noticed by reading many of the threads that many of you are using
loops of one configuration or another so I thaught I would add
something of my own experience. I have used this antenna on 6 meters.
Now that I have upgraded and moved on to HF Qrp I hope to share an
antenna that is simple for the layman like me and what I feel is very
effective. No imperical calculations, No antenna tuner required of the
final design and simple feedline to feedpoint match.

I got the  Basic idea for this antenna  from a friend of mine one
morning while preparing for a little S.C.U.B.A. diving off Boynton
Beach, FL.  His Name is Bob Dye KC4HDK (Caught some Lobster!!)

(At this point it may help to view the two bitmaps before proceeding).

I hope to try this out on 20 meters.  This antenna lends itself to be
suspended by chord from the vertical axis, anchord at the bottom in
the same plane and would also require two horizontal supports. Some of
you have more than enough room for this one. A little more complicated
to suspend than an inverted V for field work but not to bad with a
system.........Try this out on your favorite band!

What I believe is needed to keep things SIMPLE and EFFECTIVE.
1.... Get as much wire in the air as you can.

2.... simple matched feedpoint to standard 50 ohm feedline.

3.... I don't want to NEED an antenna tuner.

4.... Basic Tools: 4 vines in the right place for support
      (OK...My daughter is watching Tarzan)

If this antenna is known by another name I don't know any better.
But I would like to hear from you about it.


"The Double Diamond" by KC4HDK
Two Full Waves in Phase  (100 ohms each full wave)
THEREFORE:  Feed point 50 ohms. Fed at the juncture of the two diamonds.
Polarization: Horizontal or Verticle
Directivity: 180 degrees apart ( I think I'm saying this right).
Construction: 14 awg insulated solid copper wire.
( that cheap stuff at the hardware store).

The attached gif file is the best I could manage for a drawing. If you
know of some freeware that may be better I am all ears.

For the lack of a good diagram I'll do what I can to articulate the
Visualize for a moment, ( It helps to draw it out on paper as you go).
Two diamonds,   one on top of the other.  Each leg 90 degress from the
adjacent.  ( Two Squares,  each touching in one corner)

Each leg is 1/4 wave long

2994.325/fMhz ( Interpelated from final design for easy

See the two gif's (attached) for the feed point, polarization SENSE
and orientation.

The aformentioned description is based on my experience with this
antenna,  if I have stated any of the technical conventions
incorrectley I would like to hear about it. Technically speaking I am
a laymen in this arena. All I know is this antenna works and it's
simple construction. Its based on MY understanding of how things work.

Critiques are always welcome.
I will learn something and I might make a better antenna.

WireHead.....  (My sister gave me this Nickname)
QRP-L #2131  SOC #131

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