CALL  SOC# QSOs QSO pts S/P/C Pwr Mult HB Paddle Mult SCORE
====  ==== ==== ======= ===== ======== ============== =====

K7TQ    51  34    113     21   7 (5W)                 16,611
W0UFO   89  27     98     20   7 (5W)                 13,720
K7UP   579   9     36      8   7 (5W)     X1.5         3,024
K4BAI  N/A   7     37      7   7 (5W)     X1.5         2,719.5
N2CQ   402  12     42      9   7 (5W)                  2,646
K2HYD  N/A   9     35      7   7 (4W)     X1.5         2,572.5
N9NE   305   6     27      5   7 (5w)                    945
WK2G   693  17     61     14   1 (100W)                  854
W2AGN  390   5     19      4   7 (5W)     X1.5           798
KD2MX  N/A   3     15      3   7 (4W)     X1.5           472.5
VE3IAY 431   8     37      7   1 (100W)                  259
W1PID  330   9     33      7   1 (20W)                   231
AL7FS    3   3     15      2   7 (5W)                    210
N0AAA  389   7     29      6   1 (100W)                  174
WA2DUV 692   2     10      2   7 (5W)                    140
K5ICW  683   4     20      3   1 (50W)                    60
KI8AF  719   1      5      1  10 (1W)                     50
KR0I   N/A   1      5      1   7 (5W)                     35


K4KSR j515   1      5      1   7 (5W)                    j35


It was fun to work a few QRPers again. I went to breakfast with a few of my 
contesting buddies (serious ones) and I bragged about how I was knocking out 
the CW Qs at a rate of 2-3 an hour.
That got a laugh.

Did not get much time to work the contest but here is my log anyway!
Actually, I didn't work the last hour because right after I finished a
contact on 40, I heard a CQ from an old friend who is recovering from a
brain tumor operation and I instantly decided that a rag chew with him
was much more important than the contest!! Fun contest even with very
few staions heard.

Total time on, about 3 hours. I did use a Black Widow paddle (kit) but most 
sending was done with the keyboard, so I didn't apply the 1.5 mult. 
I think the score is 2,016.
Rig was a K2 @ 5W. Antenna: broken tri-bander at 35'
Seems like an awful lot for 9 QSO's. The bands were not good. Did a lot of 
CQing on 15/10 meters, not a whisper.

Soapbox: Didn't have much time for this one. Was testing out my kx1 after 
installing 8030 option. Thought I was running with 'full' power but later 
noticed the power cord was unplugged and I was on batteries. Guess it works.

Shouldn't take much to compute my score. One and only one signal heard on the 
air and that was you as W0SOC. You were booming into the U.P. of Michigan. 
I haven't been on CW is some time so at least I know the rig still works. 
Used my K1 backing it down to 1 watt.

I was checking out a TS480 on an indoor dipole at the time I
heard W0SOC CQing (you?) for the contest and wanted to see if I
could get through. Did manage to make the one contest QSO (g)

This be the log of N0AAA, whose last HF QSO was with K8XXX on 4-16-06 
(I don't like lulls).
SOC #389. Called CQ quite a bit. Bob came in all afternoon/evening 
(were you really QRP?).
I ran as close to 100W as I could remember how to tune the rig to. I know the 
connections on my power suppy are getting loose when I get chirp reports. 
KG4FSN stuck with me. Not sure why I called him, since he was so weak here, 
but we got it done! Tnx all 73 Jan N0AAA #389 Iowa

COMMENTS: Football drew me away fom the SOC but thanks for the contacts.

Rig is the old K2 #1429 at 5W that almost made a million points that first 
SOC test. 110 attic loop up ca. 22. Used internal keyer instead of left foot.

My first SOC contest in quite a while - a second-class effort. I jumped
back and forth between CW and PSK31 just up the band, but spent more time
on PSK31 than CW. My log is in the form of a Cabrillo file, hope that's OK.
I also was in the NCJ CW Sprint later in the evening, and took that one a
bit more seriously - but it sure is hard work in that one when you're
running low power into a compromise antenna.

WOW! Thanks for the fun Bob. I could hear you throughout the Marathon but it
was hard for you to hear me. I was in the country with little QRN so that
makes a difference. BCNU, Mert

Bob... you ARE amazing. Whenever I turned on the radio, there you were, strong, 
steady, faithful. Pretty good participation this year too. Many thanks. Jim

Soapbox : Nice to participate in a contest by a club I'm not banned from Kinda 
light on activity, though.

Dandy Conditions - NOT!

My ant is an indoor 40M dipole, my home is an aluminum mobile home, no outside 
stuff. So far it got me 90 DX + 45 states but took four years! 
Been a ham  since 1963 and will never give it up.

Paddle is twin paddle key made in England by Kent engineers - assembled for 
me by K5AB.

Bob just use this log as a check log because the software that I used
was acting funky. Where was everyone? Had to go to a party so when I got
back na was taking over. Hope more activity next year