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Issue 159 – September 2006

Monthly Newsletter of the Southern Oregon Amateur Radio Club

SOARC Newsletter Editor: Jim Woods, W7PUP 956-5287

*If you have anything to be considered for publication in the Gnus, see the contact information above.

September Meeting

The September SOARC meeting will be held on Tuesday, September 26th at the Fruitdale Grange at 7 p.m. Board meeting at 6 p.m.

Show and tell. In addition to announcements, please bring something related to ham radio to our meeting ... special awards, unique QSLs, home-built gear, pictures, etc. This will be interesting!

We also need to discuss the CROP walk, which is coming in early October.

Additionally we are planning on having a general discussion about what programs, projects, or activities that club members are interested in.

See you at the meeting. 73, Dennis WA5KTC


Change of Meeting Location: Starting in June our meetings have changed to the 4th Tuesday at 7 p.m. at the Fruitdale Grange, 1440 Parkdale (corner of Rogue River Hwy) in Grants Pass. Our holiday party will also be held at the Fruitdale Grange on Friday, December 22nd. In 2007 we will go back to the 3rd Tuesday at the Fruitdale Grange.

Rickreall hamfest coming up: The Mid-Valley ARES is having the 12th annual Swap-Octoberfest on October 21,2006 and will be held west of Salem where Highway 22 meets 99W at the Polk County Fairgrounds (520 South Pacific Highway West, Rickreall, Oregon). Doors open at 9 a.m. till 3p.m. Hourly drawings starting at 10a.m. Swap tables will be available. Talk in on 146.86 (186.2 Tone). Registration is $5.00 now and $7.00 at the door. I have sheets to bring to meeting, that they sent me.

73, Dennis WA5KTC

For Sale, Trade or Wanted

You can list your "for sale or trade" or "wanted" items in the newsletter. Send info to:

SOARC Nets & Repeaters

SOARC RepeatersK7LIX with autopatch on 146.640(-) and on 147.300(+)
SOARC ARES/NTS NetMonday evenings at 7:30 p.m. on 147.300(+) repeater.
ORCA SwapnetWednesday evenings at 8 p.m. on the ORCA system.

Licensing exams

2006 Complete ARRL/SOARC Licensing Exams: The last two sessions will be held in the new SOARC meeting facility - the Fruitdale Grange, 1440 Parkdale Dr & US 99, Grants Pass OR. Sept. 22, 2006 @ 6:30 p.m. (VE's assemble at 6 p.m.)

Test Session Dec. 9, 2006 @ 6:30 p.m. (VE's assemble at 6:30 PM.)

As everyone can see we will serve up quarterly sessions once again. And as in the old days, they are on Fridays except of the last one, which is a Saturday due to room scheduling convenience.

Remember to visit the website to get the latest information about testing, requirements, new changes that are coming down the pike. The website for Grants Pass exam schedules is If you will notice the right hand side contains lots of hyperlinks covering most of the questions about exam sessions. A copy of this completed schedule has been sent to the VEC and should appear at this site very soon.

73, Bill (WX7U), VE and Liaison.

Contests and Events

Arkansas QSO PartyCW/SSB/PSK31 Sept 30 1600Z to Oct 1 0600Z and Oct 1 0600 to Oct 0200Z
FISTS Coast to Coast  Sept 30 1800Z to Oct 1 1800Z
German Telegraphy Contest  Oct 3 0700Z to 0959Z
YLRL Anniversary PartyCW Oct 3 1400Z to Oct 5 0200Z
Oceania DX ContestSSB Oct 7 0800Z to Oct 8 0800Z
California QSO Party  Oct 7 1600Z to Oct 8 2159Z
10-10 International Sprint  Oct 10 0001Z to 2359Z
ARRL Pacificon Convention  Oct 13 to 15
San Ramon, Calif.
Oceania DX ContestCW Oct 14 0800Z to Oct 15 0800Z
Pennsylvania QSO Party  Oct 14 1600Z to Oct 15 0500Z and OCt 15 1300 to 2200Z
W/VE Islands QSO Party  Oct 21 1600Z to Oct 22 2359Z
Illinois QSO Party  Oct 22 1700Z to Oct 23 0100Z
CQ World Wide DX ContestSSB Oct 28 0000Z to Oct 292400Z
ARRL Sweepstakes ContestCW Nov 4 2100Z Nov 6 0300Z
Kentucky QSO Party  Nov11 1400Z to Nov 12 0600Z
CQ World Wide DX ContestCW Nov 25 0000Z to Nov 26 2400Z

Any questions on any of the above contests contact

CU on the airwaves,

W6IGK Elmer

Hints & Tips

-And you think you have noise problems? Check this out:
(Thanks, Jim KR1S)

-Here's a good way to power a handheld VHF radio, a portable QRP rig or an accessory from lower-voltage batteries. Digi-Key ( sells a little switching supply module (part number PT5041A-ND) made by TI that puts out 12V @ 1A from an input voltage of 4.75 to 11V for $15.85. It only requires a 100 ufd output capacitor. You could run a set of D-cells dry and still get a regulated 12 V out. (Thanks, Steve KD1JV)

-Here's another helpful set of directions, this one for getting multiple open-wire feed lines through a wall and easily switched.

  1. Terminate each parallel feedline with a 5-ft section of shielded parallel line (see ARRL Antenna Book) made from 2 5-ft lengths of RG-8X or RG-213, each terminated with a PL-259.
  2. At a grounded entrance panel or grounding strip, install four UHF bulkhead connectors and connect the shielded parallel feed lines to them outside.
  3. Manufacture another shielded parallel feedline jumper long enough to reach from your tuner to the entrance panel. Connect it permanently to the tuner and terminate the other end with quick-disconnect, push-on PL-259's.
  4. When ready to operate, plug the shielded parallel jumper from the tuner into the bulkhead connectors for whichever antenna you desire to use.
  5. When not operating, disconnect the tuner from the entrance panel, and short the UHF bulkhead terminals to ground using PL-259 push-on plugs that have been converted with short circuits inside them.

(Thanks, Mark N1LO)

-Care to download a great electronics book about op-amps?
(Thanks, Bob W9YA)

- Check out this website if you are looking for older technical info, even older handbooks: There are a lot of good old books. They are good for research on tube subjects, and for tube data, like Sylvania, GE, and RCA tube manuals see the tube data page of this site. (Thanks, Curt W4QBU)

73, Elmer W6IGK

Phone Contest Troubleshooting Guide

- Cause
- Corrective action

Band unusually quiet, can't see rig
- You have headphones on sideways
- Remove boom mike from your ear and rotate headphones ninety degrees

Opposite wall covered with fluorescent lights
- You have fallen over backward
- Have yourself duct taped to operating desk

Mouth contains peanuts, back of head covered with peanut shells
- You have fallen forward
- Have yourself duct taped to operating chair

Coffee tasteless, front of your shirt is wet
a. - Mouth not open
    - Unlikely since this is a phone contest
b. - Cup applied to wrong part of face
    - Take a restroom break, practice in mirror

Your transmit audio is garbled and indistinct
- Boom mike immersed in your coffee cup
- Hide headset and swipe the one from the dead band's radio

Rhythmic crackling QRM wiping out the entire band
- You are eating potato chips
- Suck on them instead

Sharp pain in one arm
- Multiplier operator is trying to get you to stand by
- Talk faster and stomp on footswitch

Sharp pain in one foot
- You and the multiplier operator are both trying to use the same footswitch
- Kick wildly in all directions and run him off!

Rig Blurred
- Relief operator is trying to get you out of the chair
- Yell, "I'm running Europe!" and grab onto chair arms

Floor moving
- You are being carried away
- Find out if you are being taken to a different operating chair

Room seems unusually dark
a. - You are asleep under the operating desk
    - Stand up without hitting your head and reclaim operating chair
b. - You are asleep with old QST over your face
    - Act like you were just reading without your glasses

Radio suddenly takes on colorful aspect and textures
- You are asleep in the M&M's dish
- Eat M&Ms

Bottom cold and clammy
- You forgot to put on pants after last sleep break
- Reinstall pants without losing run frequency

Bottom warm and clammy
- Improper bladder control
- Complain about previous operator's lack of shack etiquette

Other operators are looking at you and smiling
- You fell asleep and empty soda cans are now stacked on your head
- Don't swallow or move!

Heavy weight pressing on one side
- Mult operator fell asleep and is leaning on you
- Stack soda cans on his head

Station you're working is using unfamiliar procedures
- You are operating on MARS net outside of band
- Remove one letter from the prefix and log it!

Caller has the best audio you've ever heard
- You are attempting to work shortwave broadcast station news program
- Add a number somewhere in the call sign and log it!

Callers only send one letter at a time
- You are attempting to make a QSO with intermodulation products
- Accumulate enough characters and log it!

Ears ringing, mind unusually clear, station owner yelling
- You just blew up the amplifier
- Point at the youngest operator and keep operating barefoot

Hiram Percy Maxim tries to correct the call sign you just entered
- Personal sleep deprivation limitation exceeded
- Enter random call from Super Check Partial and drink a Mountain Dew

Don't recognize anyone or the room you're in
- You showed up at the wrong station
- See if they have an available operating position

From Ward N0AX via Elmer W6IGK

Report from Oregon's New ARRL Section Manager

September, 2006

In my ham radio volunteer activities, I have always done what I can to help those in charge of the activities. If I saw a hole I could fill, I tried to fill it. As a District 1 Net Control Station (NCS), I did what I could to help the Net Manager. As District 1 Net Manager, I did what I could to help the District Emergency Coordinator (DEC). As an Amateur Radio Emergency Services (ARES) member and Assistant Emergency Coordinator (AEC), I did what I could to help the Emergency Coordinator (EC). I encourage you to do the same.

Remember if each of us does a little bit, together we can accomplish a lot in the Oregon Section.

I am doing my best to respond in some manner to every email or contact I receive. I may have missed one or two and if so, I'm sorry. Everyone should feel free to contact me about concerns and things you would like to see happen in the section. I am an elected leader and I need to hear from you.

Phil Hawkins KC7KI is the Assistant Section Manager (ASM) for Northeastern Oregon, covering the area over to North Central Oregon and south through the central portion of Eastern Oregon. He is making contacts with clubs in those areas to learn more about their activities. If he has not found out about your club, don't hesitate to get in contact with him.

Ed Ewell K7DXV is the Assistant Section Manager (ASM) for Southeastern Oregon and is providing section leaders with contacts and information about that area, primarily the Klamath Falls area since it is the most active. Ed is active and experienced in a wide variety of amateur radio activities. He owns a number of repeaters, is experienced in emergency communications and military communications and is active on all bands and modes except packet.

If anyone wants to hear from a section leader in that part of the state, please contact him.

My plans to begin visiting all the affiliated clubs has been delayed a little bit because my father-in-law had a stroke the day after Labor Day while we were at work and passed away last night. Within a week or two I will be back on track and start that process.

I have some updates to the appointee list for the Oregon Section website that I hope to have completed before the end of the day today. The website is at Please take a look at it and give me any suggestions. This is a start only. There is a lot of work to be done on it.

One of the next things I am going to start adding soon is a list of anyone in Oregon who has completed the ARRL Emergency Communications courses. I will begin with level 3 and work my down the list.

Everett Curry W6ABM notified me of a media report of the activities at Yaquina Bay Lighthouse. Visit to read about it.

There were two new Emergency Coordinator (EC) appointments since the last report. Jerry Eifert, KB7WDR has been appointed Douglas County EC. Steve Long K7SLL replaces me as Yamhill County EC.

Marsh Johnson KK7CW has started up a website for Wasco County ARES (WARS) at Please check out the site.

One ARES group reported on their activities for the month of August. Frank KD7NNQ, AEC for Clatsop County reported that they participated in the Clatsop County Fair and the Hood to Coast relay race. I think it would be great if we hear from every county every month as well as clubs reporting their activities. There is a lot of activity going on in this state and we need to make that known.

If anyone is offering the ARRL Emergency Communications course in a classroom format, please let me or Dean Davis KL7OR (ASM for Training and Communications) know so we can post it on the section website. Some people prefer to learn in a classroom rather than online. Dean posted a new notice on the website announcing ham radio licensing and upgrade classes that the Hoodview Amateur Radio Club is offering. If there are events that you would like additional communications assistance for, we can post those as well.

Congratulations to the new ARRL Emergency Communication course certificants. Kenneth Taylor, W6NIB of Medford completed the ARRL Emergency Communications course Level 2 during August. Marsh Johnson, KK7CW, Wasco County EC, completed Level 1 in September. Joe Johnston N7HAE in Clatsop County completed Level 1 and Steve Crouch NO7V of Salem completed Level 2 in June.

I have received information about a couple more activities for emergency preparedness month. Zale KC7FYD of Polk County ARES informed me that Goldie Burton (Mrs. Oregon 2006) organized an emergency prepared fair in the Roth's IGA parking lot in Independence on September 9th. The Polk County Incident Command trailer was there and Zale set up some stations around the parking lot for demonstration.

Sharon Kennedy AC7UK, City of Hillsboro Emergency Manager, has been sending daily Emergency Preparedness tips to Washington County ARES this month.

Three active official observers (OO) reported a total of 178 observation hours during August. OO's, please report your observation hours, bands and issues noted to Mike Califf AC7OC each month so we have a record of activities and are aware of issues than need attention around the state. The ARRL wants these reports as well and Mike forwards all he receives to both me and the ARRL.

Bonnie Altus AB7ZQ

Oregon Section Manager

2006 SOARC Officers and Board

President: Dennis Recla,
WA5KTC, 955-1704
Vice President: Richard J. Huttenga,
KD7IA, 955-2901
Secretary: Jim Woods,
W7PUP, 956-5287
Treasurer: John Stubbe,
K7VSU, 479-3718
Board of Directors:
Michael Kelley,
N6ZOC, 597-2155
Elmer Seutter,
W6IGK, 955-5240
Burton Griffin,
WB6CYK, 479-7888
Galen Kelm,
KE7LM, 582-2267