SM6VTZ UHF/SHF remote station



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Welcome to my Radio World!                                                    

Hi all!                                                                                                          

After some days testing the new 13cm & 3cm-setup, it seems to work great.

Worked SM0DFP on 13cm with good sigs & OZ2LD, OZ3ZW & DC6UW on 3cm.

Itīs really fun to be back on the microwaves again, thanks all!

73 de SM6VTZ/Christian JO58WI

!!!!! NEW LOCATOR JO58WI !!!!!

QRV 70cm TS-2000X+23el+100W+preamp

QRV 23cm TS-2000X+1,2m dish+80W+preamp

QRV 13cm TS-2000X+TRV+1,2m dish+40W

QRV 3cm TS-2000X+TRV+48cm dish+8W


Skeds are welcome to my e-mail, pls change to my call:

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