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My name is Waldemar Kuna and my amateur radio call sign is SM0TQX

working a contest from SK0UX
a club station in Vallentuna near Stockholm

at D44AC in Mindelo, Sao Vincente Island
November 2000, behind me Carlos Pulu D44AC

inspecting a Henry amplifier at Visalia
International DX Convention 2000


I became interested in amateur radio way back in 1969 and a year later I got the licence and the call sign SP5DZJ. That was in Warszawa, Poland. Pretty soon I became the President of Warsaw Radio Club (WKK) and with some help, this club became the most successful and prolific in the country. I designed and built large antenna arrays for our radio club station SP5PWK.

In 1981 I came to Sweden and because of the martial law in Poland I stayed here. Some ten years later I got a Swedish call sign, SM0TQX, and pretty soon joined the radio club of Kvarnberget SK0UX. Sometime in 1994 I designed and built a full size 40m Quad for this club followed by 3 large Quad arrays for 10, 15 and 20m in 1999. More information follows.


From left: Jay K6MB
Dale K6UA
Dave K6JY
Waldemar SM0TQX in April 2000
This is me trying to shake off the ice from 15meter 7element Quad at SK0UX March 2000
December 2000,
operating SK0UX in
the ARRL 10m contest
(my headset was stolen by one of the members of the club so I had to use this impromptu arrangement)
Visalia DX
Visalia, Ca
April 2000
from right:
Waldemar SM0TQX, Olivier W6NV,
Jim W6YA,
Jim N6TJ date April 2000
me on the right entertaining foreign visitors at SK0UX in December 2000 in the top of a 32 meter tower at SK0UX in November 2000
one of many contest events at SK0UX foreign visitors to Visalia DX Convention 2000
Visalia, Ca
(upper row XE1L, 9M6CT, G3NUG, DL1DX, FK8GM, G3ZAY
lower row: SM4DHF, DJ4OA, YB0OS, SM0TQX, F6HIZ, HB9JW)
The most recent addition: a lunch with Miika OH2BAD at Källhagens in Stockholm, April 2001 The oldest picture available right now, at SP5PWK club station in Warszawa, Poland about 1973

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