How do I receive the K6SEE atv signal?

Receiption of the 2.442 GHz signal is accomplished with the new video transmiters, such as the wavecom jr, X-10 video extender, or Radio Shacks version of the video sender. These devices have four channels, two being in the 13 cm ham band. On the wavecom Jr. receiver, channel ONE is selected, 2.433.75 GHz. This corresponds with channel B on the other devices. The receiver has enough AFC range to receive the 2.442 GHz signal.

How do I transmit through the K6SEE repeater?

Transmitting is done on channel FOUR, or A, at 2.410.75 GHz. The 13 cm repeater receiver can also tune this much off frequency to receive the signal. If the received signal is of sufficient strength, the video operated relay will detect the sync pulse and trigger the transmitter to do its thing!


TEMPORARY 70 cm input is 434.0 MHz. This portion is not up yet. The 2.412 Gig input is also not continuiously up.


Any reception report, comments, questions would be appreciated .