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Info on how to become an amateur radio operator

SCC ARES/RACES Requirements


  • 1- An ARES application: ARRL FSD-98 ARES Application
  • 2- An Orientation required within 6 months.
  • 3- IS-22 required within 90 days.
  • 4- Attendance in 1 year: 
    • 1 meeting 
    • 1 event 
    • 4 ARPSC Net checkins. 

There is other training that is encouraged, but not mandatory such as: Traffic Handling (both NTS and ICS), NCS training, Go-Kit training, IS-100, 200, and 700, SKYWARN training, Damage Assessment, and the ARRL EmComm online courses (1 & 2).

RACES certification (required to serve in declared emergencies)

St. Clair Co. EMHSD RACES Application

In addition to ARES requirements:

  • 1- RACES Application (available @ St. Clair Co. Office of Emergency Management)
  • 2- A Criminal Background Check
  • 3- FEMA Independent Study web training
    • IS-100.a (Intro to Incident Management System)
    • IS-200.a (Single Resources and Initial Action)
    • IS-700.a (National Incident Management System)
  • 4- Training that is required within 1 year: 
    • Basic Damage Assessment 
    • Net Control Station
    • Traffic Handling
  • 5-  SKYWARN training (renewed every 2 years)
  • 6- Attendance in 1 year: 
    • 2 ARPSC meetings 
    • 1 event 
    • 12 ARPSC or HRT Net checkins

A criminal background check will be performed by the St. Clair Co. Sheriff Dept. The Sheriff Dept. will provide a "Go/No-Go" report to St. Clair Co. Office of Emergency Management before the RACES card is issued. Results are held confidential by the Sheriff Dept.

The following requirements are stipulated by the St. Clair Co. Office of Emergency Management for RACES qualification: Criminal Background Check & IS Certifications.

Basic Damage Assessment Training & 800 MHz Trunked Radio Training will be provided by St. Clair Co. Office of Emergency Management.