Santa Clara County Amateur Radio Association

SCCARA was formed as a general interest amateur radio club in 1921
and became a non-profit corporation in 1947.

SCCARA is an affiliate of the American Radio Relay League
and the Santa Clara Valley Section of the Pacific Division of the ARRL.

This meeting is the second Monday
of each month at 7:30PM.

Visitors are always welcome to attend the club meeting.


Club P.O.Box is now


P.O.Box 106

San Jose CA 95103-0106

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James Bennett from PACIFIC ANTENNA (www.qrpkits.com)

will be speaking this Monday at the Santa Clara County Amateur Radio Association general meeting.

Pacific Antenna sells kits for radios, tuners and test equipment as well as their well known and respected Pac 12 HF antenna (check out their website before the meeting). James will be speaking on what goes intoputting together one of their kits. He will also be bringing some of his kits to the meeting for those who might be interested in purchasing a kit to assemble themselves.

The SCCARA MEETING starts at 7:30 PM at Kaiser Santa Clara (on Lawrence Expressway at Homestead Road.)

We meet in Building 700, Room B-06 in the basement (across the hall from the cafeteria.) Hope to see you there.

Gregg KF6FNA



Location: Kaiser Santa Clara room B06 as usual




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The Regular meeting is at THE NEW KAISER HOSPITAL off


Main Hospital Building Basement room often in B6 near cafeteria.

(Alterations will be announced.)

Parking lot B is closest, use the 'WEST' entry (right side) watch for signs to B6.


From Lawrence Expressway turn WEST on Homestead

then LEFT (South) into the parking lot.

Lot B is the middle lot.

When entering the Homestead driveway you are facing the main hospital.




George Williams N6NKT who is in charge of RADIO COMMUNICATIONS for the

Silicon Valley Chapter AMERICAN RED CROSS will be
the speaker for the MEETING. Many of our members know that SCCARA has an HF radio station
at the SAN JOSE ARC but don't know how extensive the radio infrastructure is and how it relates to the ARCs ability to respond independent of many utility outages.


Kristen McIntyre K6WX was the July 11 Speaker for SCCARA. : Ground Is A Myth!
Ground is something you stand on, but in an electrical sense, the meaning is much less clear. When it comes to Hams and ground, things get really confused. We drive rods into the earth, but why? Let's take a look at whether any of this makes sense, and what theory tells us about "ground", and if it exists in any sensible way at all. We’ll talk about DC grounds,

RF grounds, and even about gravity.

Kristen McIntyre, K6WX, has been interested in radio since she was about 5 years old. She started in Amateur Radio in 1979 getting her ticket while at MIT. Kristen has worked in many diverse areas from analog circuit design to image processing to starting and running an ISP. She is currently working at Apple in Core OS, and spent many years at Sun Microsystems Laboratories where she was researching robustness and emergent properties of large distributed computer systems. She is a long time denizen of Silicon Valley and has worked at or consulted for many of the usual suspects. Kristen is an active ham and loves to chase DX on HF with her Elecraft K2 which she built while visiting her mother in Florida. She is an ARRL Technical Coordinator for the East Bay Section, president of the Palo Alto Amateur Radio Assoc., and is active in many local clubs.



Planning & discussion for


See you there!
Gregg KF6FNA

The speaker for the May 9 Meeting was Chris Swartout
N6WCP. Chris is active in San Jose Races and owner of
Blackwood Inovations (www.blackwood-innovations.com) which
markets Lithium Ferro Phosphate batteries. I saw Chris's presentation
batteries when he gave it at the Santa Clara Races meeting and thought it to
be the best solution for portable operating that I have seen.

Don't forget to check out his website before the SCCARA meeting.



David Vieira KI6CLA on building a
10 GHz Transverter

The March 14 Dinner Meeting
The SCCARA general meeting for March was a dinner
meeting at the Milpitas Denny's located at 333 Abbott Ave. (the
southeast corner of the intersection of the 880 Fwy and Calaveras
Blvd.). SCCARA reserved the accessible “Upstairs Banquet
Room” (which is in the back of the restaurant) from 7:30 PM until
10:30 PM. The program will be a showing of some of SCCARA's
archived videos. This is a chance to get to visit with other
SCCARA members and to meet their families.
Be sure to bring your families too!
Gregg KF6FNA

February 09, 2016 Meeting

Don Steinbach AE6PM gave the presentation “Kit
Building in the 21st Century” at the February SCCARA meeting.
Don, a former SCCARA President, has shared his electrical
engineering expertise and home brewing experience with us before
and has always put on an enjoyable and informative presentation.
Hope to see you there!
Gregg KF6FNA

Our speaker for the January 11 meeting was Suresh P.Ojha, W6KTM,

who gave a presentation on Nepal HAM radio.
Suresh is involved in setting up ham stations and repeaters in
Nepal and will be sharing his insight into the use of HAM radio
after the 2015 earthquake in Nepal.

December Meeting
Our annual holiday meeting was a luncheon on
Saturday December 12th at 12:00 noon. This year our luncheon
was at Michael's at Shoreline 2960 North Shoreline Blvd in Mt.
View, (east on Shoreline next to the golf course). Talk in will be
on our repeater, W6UU 146.985(+).
We will also had a gift exchange. The way it works
is that everyone brings a wrapped gift suitable for a man or women
costing about $10.00. This type of exchange is always a lot of fun
to participate in.
Reservation need to be in by Monday Dec. 7th (see the sign up sheet).
I'm looking forward to seeing all of you there.
73, Don Villlage K6PBQ

SCCARA's General Meeting was

11-09-15 at 7:30 PM Room B06 as usual

This month is the November election, additional nominations accepted still.

The speaker for the meeting was
Ned AC6YY spoke on DIGITAL MODES. Ned
was first licensed for Amateur Radio in the former Yugoslavia and
quickly passed his test for Extra Class when he moved to the
U.S.A. Ned is an active DXer and Contester and enjoys working portable.
Gregg KF6FNA.

OUR 9/14/15 SPEAKER was:

Jim Eagleson, WB6JNN

He will be spoke on the use of the Rigol DSA815-TG Spectrum Analyzer for Ham Radio HF/VHF/UHF Test and evaluation.

Jim also gave a quick look at the new Yaesu FT991 HF/VHF/UHF Multimode Radio. (160 through 70cm)



From our February 14, 2011 Regular meeting The February SCCARA meeting featured Rich Harrington, WA6GJF Now KN6FW, speaking on T Hunting.

As his first call suggests Rich has been at this since 1962. Rich got part of his T-Hunting skills in the US Navy where it is a serious business.

Rich is now retired from Pacific Bell so he can devote his time to designing, building, and using DF equipment.

DF Loop data

TDOA data



"How to radiate a big signal from a small lot."

Link to talk given 9/8/08 is below.

Mr.Badger has been a ham since 1939. He graduated from U C Berkeley in Electrical Engineering.

He has had many articles published in both the professional and amateur press.

Regretfully Mr Badger passed on 11/15/09 at 84 years.

The W6TC DX Loop presented by George Badger

( http://www.ae6pm.com/Shared.htm)


Radio Room Open Monthly.


Special events



The club board meeting is held the third Monday of each month
at the San Jose Red Cross building, 2731 N 1st Street, San Jose, CA at 7:30PM
guests welcome

Board Meeting Map

Here's the - Officers & Directors of SCCARA: <Click here>


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