HF Rigs: ICOM IC-737A, ICOM IC-706G, ICOM IC- 725, YAESU FT-757GX
VHF Rigs: ICOM IC-910 (for VHF use, in order to enable colleagues to run up points for the Aegean VHF Contest, that will be taking place that weekend),
Kenwood D710 (APRS), Kenwood D700 (DX Cluster),
Power Supply Units: 2 X Power Generators SGC950, Samlex 25A, Feroe 30A, Amarad 50A
Antennas: Pair HF Extended Double Zeppelin 20+20m with open wire 450 Ohm,
Single Dipole 40m (G5RV), single Vertical HF SpiderBeam 18m Fiberglass Pole,

Pair nt. Coupler RUN4 1KW, single Ant. Coupler 200w, 3 PC with Logger32.





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