Now we start 23 cm tropo tests.

All equipment on 23 cm design homebrew by Dima RZ3QD. Iclude HF tranciever, 144/432MHz transverter and 23 cm transvereter.

Antenna - 70 elements DL6WU yagi - 6 mtr boom lengt.

Power - Misubishi hybrid - 18W. 15Wt in radiator. Mounted on the boom.

LNA -  2 stage Agilent HEMT + BFG540. Mounted 16 cm from radiator.

Here RX3QFM in QSO with RW3BP

Some details 23 cm transverter inside.

More details.

One more.

Now we have 2 tropo QSO on 23 cm

1st with Valery UT3LL - QRB 278 km.

2nd with Sergej RW3BP - QRB 472 km.

3rd with Arkady RV3RA - QRB 200 km. Arkady copy our CW 579, but we marginal copy Arkady signal. RST not recieved.