Operation result 9X0A and 9X/RW3AH
1997-1998 Africa RWANDA

Operation result of 9X0A Sept 1997-April 1998

Operation result of 9X/RW3AH Aug-Sept 1997

Result 9X0A in "RTTY WPX" 1998 (1st. in Africa) WPX PLAQUE.
Result 9X0A in "ARRL CW" 1998 (1st.  in Africa) ARRL PLAQUE.
Result 9X0A in "JA DX Contest" 1997 - (1st. in Africa) Award and medal.
Result 9X0A in "Russian DX Contest" 1998 - (1st. SSB in the World) RDXC PLAQUE


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