Rwanda. Africa. 1997-1998. War zone. UN mission.
9 month duty.

Who's who ? (9X0A or RW3AH ?) ...Hi. It's a funny.
Meeting (in Uganda. Kampala. ) with ON6TT(5X1T)-Peter, RW3AH(9X0A)-Andy and 5X1Z(SM7PKK)-Matts.1997.
My HF antenna "TH3-mk4".
My 2nd. 9X0A QTH....Hi.
April 1997. AN-124 "Ruslan" Aircraft. Few minutes before departure to Russia from Rwanda.
AN-124. Start is soon.
My 9X0A HF antenna after African tornado.
View of antenna after disaster.
Bodyguard Francua. Anywhere, everywhere together.
My friend Dima - arabic, english, franch intepreter at my 9X0A shack.
Funny african kids faces.
The african kids
First time meet with white men! :-)
Temporary QTH in Kigali 9X/RW3AH. 1997.
Younger rwandise mom.Kigali 1998.
"Klava". Kloudine - My african girl friend.
African Madonna.
Another one girl friend - Monika.
Flea market near Kigoma vilage.
UN Mission to Rwanda 1998.
UN everywhere.
Papaya tree. Near 9X0A shack.
My rwandise good russian speaking friend Polikarp.
It was a wide freq.range dipole - T2FD. Small ballun, big power! Hi.
Local life pictures.
My small african friend.
It is my all "african family"...:-)
Kavumu vilage 1998. Africa.

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