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Amateur Radio is my hobby!
(My way to the HAM radio)

Before becoming a radio amateur I was a SWL (Short Wave Listner) from 1975-1977, SWL call was -UA0-139-86

1977-1983 My Firts amateur radio license , QTH was East Siberia , very close from US Alaskan border and callsign was - UA0KCE

1984 Expedition to the Armenia Republic of former USSR , callsign was - UG/UA0KCE

1985 Expedition to the Polar region of Novaya Zemlya island Arctic Ocean - UA1P/UA0KCE

Special thanks to UA1PAO Serge and Mr.Shapkin (A1 Super OP) for nice hospitality in small Arctic village Amderma on the coast of Great Ledovitic. Ocean

1986 old callsign UA0KCE was changed to the new Moscow callsign - UA3ASL QSY in Moscow city.

1987 I got Extra class amateur radio license with a new callsign - RW3AH


1987-1988 Ruin earthquake in Armenia Republic. Special emergency operation as a central H.Q. and net control coordinator station - EO1. Special callsign from Ministry of telecomm. USSR.

1988 Expedition to the Turkmen Republic - UH/RW3AH (include UH9AWA, UH9BWD, UH9HWB operations)

Special thanks to UH8DI Wladimir for nice hospitality in Ashkhabad city during my visit.


1989 "Bering Bridge" Sled dog expedition to the Alaska from Eastern Sebirea over the Bearing str. EK0AH call. Operation from rare Islands - Little Deomid isl. and Rotmanova isl.


My special thanks to UA0KBZ Serge for nice hospitality in small Arctic village - Cape Smidta and to UA0KAP Valery in Provideniya bay, UA0KC Alex in Anadyr town, crew of Club station UZ0KWC - Andrew and Valery in Anadyr town , during my DXepedition.

1989 "Bering Bridge" Sled dog expedition.QTH was Kotzabu village. Callsign from US area KL7/RW3AH

(Special thanks to US FCC Staff).

1990 4K4/RW3AH "Big circle"Sled dog expedition in the East Sebirea.


1991 First novice US call - WL7CDB("Can Do Best"). During my visit with explore expedition "Russian America 250 years" to the Alaska state, USA.

1991 General class US license - WL7AP. During my visit with explore expedition "Russian America 250 years" to the Alaska state, USA.

Special thanks to my Alaskan friends for his wormest hospitality during my visit in 1991: KL7HJD, KL7GID, WL7CAD, KL7HFQ, AL7LD, W4IGM and Ms's Dores, KL7KI, KL7HFM and many many others...!

1995 UN Mission to the former Yugoslavia - 4U/RW3AH

Special thanks to my Yugoslavian friends - Mile, Zik, Rade, and many many others for his wormast hospitality during my visit to YU1AVQ "Zemun" DX CLub , in summer of 1995.


1997 - 1998 UN/EMERCOM Mission to the Rwanda Africa - 9X/RW3AH - 9X0A


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