KF7TY installing antenna for 146.720 Repeater


WR7KCR Repeaters

Output Input Tone
Sky Meadows VHF 147.360 147.960 131.8
Sky Meadows UHF 442.200 447.200 131.8
Ellensburg 146.720 146.120 none

The KCRA will has implemented our system-wide tone requirement of 131.8 Hz. This means that you will need to program your radios to trasmit the 131.8 tone in order to access our repeaters. During the next week we will be reprogramming and recloning the SAR radios to meet the new tone requirements. Once activated the tone will be on permanently on our Sky Meadows VHF and UHF repeaters (147.360 and 442.200 mHz) and activated when needed on our Ellensburg 146.720 repeater. At least initially, until the system linkage is complete, we'll try to run the Ellensburg repeater without the tone, in consideration of those without tone-equipped radios. However, if there is any interference on the Ellensburg machine, either locally manmade or from distant repeaters activating it, as sometimes happens in the fall, the tone requirement will be activated and remain on. Thanks for your support 73, KI7AO

ELLENSBURG REPEATER 146.720 - 600 Covers Kittitas valley and some upper county areas. (Phone Patch: PTT then * then dial number (Ellensburg) come-back tones indicate dialing. To release patch press #)

SKY MEADOWS REPEATER 147.360 + 600 ctcss TONE 131.8 hz Covers Upper County to Snoqualmie summit, Lower County to Ryegrass summit.

Eastern Washington 2-Meter Repeater Listing

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