An ARRL Affiliated Club
September 2017

Pay attention please, September is Labor Day weekend so the club meetings are not when you expect them to be. The Rodeo City Radio Club (RC2) meeting will be 8 AM, Saturday September 9, at the Copper Kettle restaurant in Ellensburg. The Upper Kittitas County Amateur Radio Club (UKCARC) will meet at 8 AM, on Sunday September 10, at the Cottage Cafe in Cle Elum. Everyone is welcome including friends and family members.

Thanks to Ron KG7LAA for talking about the DMR system and radios at the August club meetings. He had lots of good information. If you would like a copy of his handout sheets, you may contact him at . (Gloria WA7GYD also has copies, .)

The next VE test session is scheduled for Saturday October 28. Details next month. Please remember that if you are a general or above licensee you can be a VE. Details - contact Gloria WA7GYD (info below) or look at .

This month, all I have to say about the Cascade Crest 100 mile race is that, by the time you read this, it's over. Thank you very much for volunteering.

Did you program the new K7RHT repeaters into your radios yet? If not, here are the frequencies - 2meter - 147.000 +offset tone 131.8 70cm - 444.450 +offset tone 131.8 The 2meter repeater is on the air, the 70cm repeater will be on the air very soon. Both repeaters are (or will be) open for use by anyone who can reach them. Also, they will be linked so that transmissions on one repeater will be heard on the other. This next repeater is a mobile repeater intended to be used when and where needed in an emergency. It is not and will not be routinely on the air but you should make note of the frequency (and program it in your radio) so you will have it if/when needed. 2meter - 145.290 -offset tone 131.8

All three of these repeaters use the call sign K7RHT/r .

There is also a new DMR repeater in the county. DMR stands for Digital Mobile Radio and it does require a DMR digital radio. This repeater is connected to a linked system that is in use in western Washington. At some point, it is expected to be used nationwide for SAR. The most chosen radio is the Tyterra MD-380 UHF version. It is easy to find on the internet for around $80. When you acquire a radio, contact Randy K7RHT ( for help/instructions with programming. There are some local codes and things you will need.

If you would like to ask questions or talk with someone about DMR, you may contact Ron KG7LAA at . He will be happy to answer your questions. Also, here are some websites with more information about DMR. and

September is a month with 5 Saturdays. Contact Randy K7RHT ( for information about local activity.

The Kittitas County Fair is coming up. I won't go into details, but please remember that there are lots of germs around and hands need to be washed frequently.

Did you catch the news a few days ago that a rabid bat was found at Green Lake in Seattle? Remember that if you have any contact with any bat you should try to catch it and get it in to be tested. Same goes for ticks. They need to be tested for Lyme disease. All these diseases are best if treated ASAP.

Gloria Sharp WA7GYD has been rooting around in the garage and found things you probably need. She has a 40m Isotron antenna; a copper J-pole; 2 trailer hitch receiver antenna mounts; a SolarCon A99 fiberglass whip antenna; some Amidon copper wire, new in the package, 50ft each of #16 and #14; some Intercomp 1-4082-x mini 8 new on the spool (probably about 130 feet); and a new US Towers metal tower part - a bracket of some sort. Please make an offer on what you want.

FEMA online training link - ; recommended courses are - IS-100.b, IS-200.b, IS-700.a, and IS-800.b .

The Kittitas County ARES/RACES net meets every Sunday evening at 8:00 PM on the 147.360 repeater. The repeater tone is 131.8 (or 141.3 from some parts of Ellensburg). If that repeater is not available, the backup repeater will be 147.000 (plus offset, tone 131.8). If neither repeater is available the frequency will be 147.540 simplex. This is a directed net, if you are not a regular roll call member, please check in when the net control calls for visitors. Everyone is encouraged to check in.

Advance Notice - Sunday September 10 the net will take place on the 147.000 repeater. This will give us a chance to see how it works across the county. Be there if you can. We need the information.

Another net note - For training purposes, everyone should be taking notes during the net. Write down call signs as they are called, note who checks in, write down names, copy any messages or traffic as it's read. In an emergency or a drill you will need to do that sort of thing. Get some easy practice every week during the net.

The morning net meets daily at 7:30 AM on the 147.360 repeater. Repeater tone is 131.8; if you are in downtown Ellensburg or southeast of town and have trouble reaching the repeater, try using a tone of 141.3. Everyone is welcome to check in. This is not a directed net, listen for a minute or two then jump in when it seems appropriate. (The second tone listed activates a remote receiver located on the Craig's Hill water tower in Ellensburg.)

Hams meet for coffee/breakfast every Tuesday in Cle Elum at the Senior Center at 8:00 AM. On Wednesday in Ellensburg there are two groups. One meets at Super One at 8:00 AM, and one meets at Carl's Jr at 8:00 AM. Everyone is welcome.

Both clubs have web sites. See them at and . Thanks to Jack Williams W7HNH for keeping them both updated.

Both clubs are ARRL affiliated clubs and can earn money from your ARRL membership. Before you join or renew ARRL please talk with your club treasurer. Thanks.

Please send comments, questions, information, ideas, or address changes to Gloria Sharp WA7GYD at 962-3820 or or 7731 Reecer Creek Road, 98926. Your input is appreciated.

Remember the meetings - Saturday September 9, 8 AM, Ellensburg, Copper Kettle; Sunday September 10, 8 AM, Cle Elum, Cottage Cafe.