An ARRL Affiliated Club
January 2018

Happy New Year a few days early! The first club meetings of the new year will be Saturday January 6 2018 in Ellensburg at the Copper Kettle restaurant and Sunday January 7 2018 in Cle Elum at the Cottage Cafe. Both meetings start at 8 AM. Hope to see you there.

If you are studying for a new or upgrade license test - please pay attention. There is now a VE test scheduled for Saturday January 6. The time will be after the Ellensburg club meeting (9:30 or 10 AM), location is the same as always - the Chestnut Street Baptist Church at 609 North Chestnut. All of the regular stuff applies - the test fee is $15.00, you need to bring photo ID, your social security number (or FRN if you already have a license), a photocopy of your current license (if you have one), and a photocopy and the original of any CSCE you will be using for credit. If you want to take a test please contact Gloria Sharp WA7GYD (962-3820 or as soon as possible and no later than Saturday December 30. Thank you.

Here is another online ham test study website - Doug Fessler KI7DQG says it is a free site, but if you log into the site when you use it, it keeps track of what you have mastered and what you need more study on. In addition to practice tests it uses Flashcards. The program decides which Flashcards to present to you based on the answers to 6 questions ranging from 'have you seen it before' to 'how many times have you answered it correctly before' and then on a scale which presents a mixture of easy and challenging questions. Sounds like a good method. Give it a try if you are studying.

Have you looked at a calendar lately? If you have, maybe you noticed that the next two Sundays are holidays. Because of that, it has been decided that the regular ARES/RACES nets scheduled for those days have been canceled. The next scheduled net will be Sunday January 7, 8:00 PM on the 147.360 repeater. The simplex backup frequency, if needed, is 147.540. These frequencies are also our emergency gathering spots when needed.

Here is a new item on our upcoming event calendar. We have been asked to help with the Teanaway Country 100 race which will be held September 15 and 16 2018. This new 100 mile race will start and end at the Salmon LaSac Sno-Park area. The route will be out and back on the same course, with 7 aid locations. If you are interested in helping with this new race, please contact Randy Thomas K7RHT ( For more information search for Teanaway Country 100.

We will still be helping with the Cascade Crest 100 race in August. The TC100 is a new, second race.

Newly elected club officers in Ellensburg are President - Christopher Hobbs KD7REM, Vice President - Josh Nelson KF7QNM, and Secretary/Treasurer - Gloria Sharp WA7GYD. Club officers in Cle Elum are President - Carl Munson KG7JMI and Vice President - Ron McLain KG7LAA .

Here are two more contest/operating events for your consideration. NASA is sponsoring a year long "NASA on the air" event. Lots of NASA events have significant anniversaries this year which will be noted as they arrive. Club stations at various NASA centers and facilities will be on the air and perhaps the hams in space will also participate. I don't have a web address for more information, but I'm sure there is one. Search for it. The 2018 ARRL RTTY Roundup is scheduled for Saturday January 6 1800 UTC to Sunday January 7 2359 UTC. Look for more info at or on page 95 in the December QST.

Current health news from the monthly emergency meeting. Thanks to Jackie Dawson our region 7 epidemiologist. There is a norovirus type illness active in the area. You must wash your hands frequently with soap and water. Hand sanitizer does not kill this type of germ. If you need to clean up surfaces in your home - use bleach. Better news is that the flu hasn't gotten here yet. However RSV is on the rise. RSV stands for Respiratory something Virus. (The "something" is a medical term I was not familiar with and didn't get written down.) This is one of those diseases that adults may not even know they have but is very bad for babies and small children. So - be aware of not taking babies/children to places crowded with adults and please stay home if/when you may be sick.

Here's the link to FEMA online training: Look for 100.b, 200.b, 700.a, 800.b

This is new news. There is now an informal DMR net each Wednesday at 8 AM on "TG local 2". It is an open format net, new DMR users and any questions are welcome. Contact Carl Munson KG7JMI (425-281-6644 or for more information about the net or DMR.

The Kittitas County round robin net meets daily at 7:30 AM on 147.360. Everyone is welcome. This is an informal net. Listen and check in when it seems appropriate.

Hams meet for coffee/breakfast every Tuesday in Cle Elum at the Senior Center at 8:00 AM. On Wednesday's in Ellensburg there are two groups. One meets at Super One at 8:00 AM, and one meets at Carl's Jr at 8:00 AM. Everyone is welcome.

Both clubs have web sites. See them at and . Thanks to Jack Williams W7HNH who keeps them both updated.

Both clubs are ARRL affiliated. Please see your club treasurer before you join or renew ARRL.

Please send comments, question, ideas, or address changes to Gloria Sharp WA7GYD at 962-3820 or or 7731 Reecer Creek Road, 98926. Your input is appreciated.

Remember the meetings - Saturday January 6, 8 AM, Ellensburg, Copper Kettle; Sunday January 7, 8 AM, Cle Elum, Cottage Cafe.