(Under the Royal Patronage of His Majesty the King)

Updated April 19, 2006


1. The Radio Amateur Society of Thailand (RAST) holds a concession from the Thai Post Telegraph Department to allow suitably qualified foreign guests to operate the HS0AC RAST Club Station. As such, the authorities (now represented by the National Telecommunications Commission) require that all guest operators be a member of the Radio Amateur Society of Thailand

The purpose of the concession to RAST is to provide an opportunity for short term visitors (Guests of RAST or amateurs on Royal Thai Government business) to operate the club station on an occasional basis to share the experience of amateur radio operation from a DX location.

2. Most of the equipment at the station has been donated by foreign amateurs, since HF equipment is not readily available in Thailand. The price of equipment that is available is relatively high and beyond the financial reach of many Thai amateurs. The running and repair costs are a significant burden for RAST. Therefore you are asked to take good care of the equipment and furniture.

3. Guest operators must use the callsign HS0AC, but may mention "operated by own callsign or use "HS0AC/own callsign" - Example HS0AC/OZ1HET. The practice of using HS0/callsign is now discontinued for Guest Operators. The QSL Manager for HS0AC is Swen Roeder HS0ZFZ (details at QRZ.COM). It is acceptable to mention "QSL via Buro".

4. A computer log is preferred, but if a paper log is used, the Guest operator must arrange to get this entered into a computer text file (ASCII) within a reasonable time. An appropriate contribution to QSL costs would be appriciated.

5. Guests are requested to communicate on the air mainly in English or in the Thai language, particularly when giving call-signs. If another language is used, please ensure that you begin and end each transmission with the HS0AC call sign in English Language. This is to facilitate National Telecommunications Commission and RAST monitoring of operations.

6. The station is not normally open or staffed, for casual unannounced visits, arrangements for access have to be made through the station manager in advance. Access is subject to the availability of the Station Manager, and his assistants, who sometimes have other commitments, such as employment, family, and domestic affairs. Every attempt will be made to meet your convenience.

7. If you require further information or clarification please contact the Station Manager of HS0AC by email.

Finn Jensen, OZ1HET.

Station Manager HS0AC.