Russian VHF activity page

1.General Info:

I would like to try getting a maximum information about Russian VHF. We had a minimum VHF activity last 10 years here. There was a big political and economical changes in Russia last 10 years. But I see a visible positive growing in VHF in 1998-99. For example in International VHF field Day were participated about 20 HAMs from Russia in 1997, about 80 in 1998. And we've got expect about 120-130 HAM's from Russia, Ukraine and Belorussia in VHF field Day of 3-4 of July 1999.

Who can help me with any possible information about VHF in Russia?

Just contact me (, ICQ 19191941.

2. Short list of Russian VHF Radioamateurs:

Here you can see short list of Russian Radioamateurs. Just - callsign and QRA Locator. But all of they could QRV on 144 on CW or SSB with good beam's antennas. I'll try to issue more detail list with classified information about each VHF HAM radio station in Russia. Keep your attention!

3. VHF news bulletin:

# 001 of 18/06/1999

 # 002 of 21/06/1999

 # 003 of 29/06/1999

 # 004 of 05/07/1999  

# 005 of 05/08/1999  

# 006 of 03/09/1999  

# 007 of 09/09/1999 

Sorry for long time of silence. I had't Internet access during last month.

# 008 of 21/012/1999 (Russian"VHF Field Day 99" Oficial results)

# 009 of 28/02/2000 (Ukrainian"VHF Field Day 99" Oficial results)