QSL Managerís Society

Quality QSL Managers

Created to protect and preserve Amateur Radio DX and DXpedition logs and to make QSL cards available for ALL such logs, no matter how old....
To provide a place where quality QSL managers can pool their resources.....
To provide a place where DX and DXpeditions can secure a quality QSL manager!

The QSL Manager's Society was organized to have a single point of contact for quality QSL managers on the "internet"
and to promote fair and uniform guidelines for quality QSL managers.
Would you like to become a member of the QSL Manager's Society ?
1. You must be, or want to be a QSL Manager...
2. You must agree to the entire "QSL Manager's Creed".



QSL Managers Society

P.O. Box 345

Tuckerton, NJ 08087-0345





To join, please confirm that you agree with the creed.

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