The Tuna Tin 2 Transmitter

by Doug Hendricks, KI6DS

I remember 1976 well. It was the 200th anniversary of our country, and there were celebrations everywhere. I also remember it as the year that I was first licensed as a Ham, with the call WB0YVK in Kansas. One of the other things that I remember about 1976 was a very famous article that appeared in QST. It was Doug DeMaw's "Tuna Tin 2" QRP Transmitter construction article in the May issue.

Tuna - Tin TX

The first thing that I decided to do was to update the circuit so that it could be reproduced with todays parts sources. Dave Meacham, W6EMD, is the technical advisor to the club (NorCal), and I contacted him for his help in translating the information. Dave very graciously provided me with the information on how to change the coils to components available today. Next, I decided to redo the board layout to fit the components. I built the circuit, it works great, and this article is the result. Here are the only component changes that need to be made to those in the original article.

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