Sep 1977-A VUD VHF Utility DX
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                 Pat Dyer
     5315 Silvertip Drive
    San Antonio, TX 78228
  Deadline: 10th of month
White Dot, 43

 Hank Holbrook, 7211 Chestnut St., Chevy Chase, MD 20015  QSLed, GMT

 12-18: 1530, N1924V  133.5   vic DC(Genesco,Inc.;Falcon 10,2-e,7-s)
  4-16: 2028, N7696J  119.7   ov Annapolis(Mitchell & Collins,Inc.;
                              Piper Cherokee Arrow PA-180R,1-e,4-s)
        2130, N34843  119.7   2 mi n Annap.(Blue Jay Flying Club;
                              Cessna C-177;1-engine,4-seat)
        2229, N8426R  119.7   ov Ches.Bay Br.(Lloyd D. Kauffman,Jr.;
                              Piper Cherokee 140;1-engine,2-seat)
        2306, N581FH  119.7   vic Balt.(Michael R. Nash;Fairchild
                              FH 1100 helicopter;1-engine,4-seat)
   5-7: 0130, KIH 28  162.475 Philadelphia, PA (NOAA Weather Radio;1 kw,
                              8-bay dipole about 550 feet ASL)
        1922, N4554T  118.1   10 mi s Annap.(Robert A. Ross;Piper Cher-
                              okee 180G, 1-engine, 4-seat)

 Martin J. Theil, 12 Princeton Drive East, Holiday, FL 33589 with a new
 Bearcat 210 scanner, rod antenna

 35.66 New York (mobile phone)         37.575 Tampa (power)
 35.26 Detroit (")                    153.620 FL (power)
 35.26 Philadelphia (")               156.21  Cape May, NJ (police)
 35.26 Cleveland (")                   38.75  Iowa (wx)

 KKC 374  37.26  OK Co, OK       KSB 234  39.46  IL (police)
 KEE 720  33.78  Millburn, NJ    KSA 358  39.46  Yorkville, IL (police)
 My loggings, Allied A-2586 w 30' wire at 12' (nw-se run); VOR's on Heath
 GR-98 with 6-el FM antenna at 20 feet; all Es unless noted; new; GMT

 7-23: 1853, KFL 936  35.58  (west) (tone pager)
   26: 0645, KKI 445  35.58  Houston, TX (tone pager) (tropo)
   29: 0225, KOA 796  35.58  Portland, OR (tone pager) (2Es)
       2255, "ELW"   108.6   Electric City, SC (VOR, tone/voice)
       2315, "FBG"   109.8   Simmons, NC (VOR, tone)
       2332, "SOT"   108.8   Snowbird, TN (VOR, tone/voice)
       2347, "CLT"   110.6   Charlotte, NC (VOR, tone)
  8-5: 1548, KOE 257  35.22  Phoenix, AZ (tone pager)
    6: 1932     -     30.30  (F2)

 Though I've managed to log several VOR's this season on Es, it was far
 from the simple task I'd expected it to be (e.g., easy-to-read Morse
 tone ID's  every 10-15 seconds). Fading on these is usually rapid and
 that chops the ID to shreds very often. Most seem to have very poor
 modulation percentages to begin  with.
 August QST has some of the details of the 50-MHz California-Japan Es
 opening of June 4. Later issues should fill in more on events that
 took place later in June and into July. Even into late July the Guam
 to Japan and to Alaska paths were often open on 6-m.
 Solar fluxes are running above last year at this time, so the prospects
 for something of a fall F2 season in 30-50 MHz appear good, though it
 may take some magnetic disturbances to really get the MUF's up much.
 We'll know a lot more about that in about 2 months or so. There may be
 some slim chances to Es-TE links in Sep-Oct for the southern US.

                                   73, Pat Signature, 1,689 bytes  WA5IYX

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