Landlord's House and Yard, Bottesdale, Suffolk, UK - 1953

1953 Photo of back of landlord's house Botesdale, Suffolk, UK

1953 Photo of backyard of landlord Botesdale, Suffolk, UK

(1998 Snappy 3.0 captures with 8-mm camcorder from 127 negatives on light box)

   These are two more that I took with the Kodak Brownie (127).  I had often 
thought that they were done at the time of the June 30, 1954 partial solar   
eclipse, but the negatives' order now seems to refute that.  I could probably
hold a camera steadier then at age 6-7 than I can now!  Also, that camera    
wasn't "idiot proof" against making any double exposures.                    

   Anyway, they are of the landlord's house and "summer house" taken from the
same spot in their typical British back garden.  Note the tile roof and all  
the chimneys (that's the kitchen area closest to the camera).  One of those  
was reportedly almost clipped by the tail of the German WW2 fighter that had 
strafed the main street (which the house sits right on) - resulting in some  
broken glass in their butter.  They had moved to Botesdale to get away from  
the London Blitz!  (Recently-found online info indicates that this incident  
may have been as late as March 3, 1945.)                                     

   The house was formerly used as a combination store/residence, and the     
downstairs front area still had a lot of remnants of that stock (mostly small
hardware) in the unremodeled portions.  There were many neat things for me to
rummage thru there!                                                          

   To the right (west, as this is with the camera looking south) is another  
family's dwelling with zero separation.  The adjoining-west village of       
Rickinghall still had many houses with thatched roofs.                       

   That's a large (and productive) green cooking-apple tree near their summer
house.  Our trailer was clear across the field that is over the hedge on the 
right in this view.  Among the things not very visible here are their glass  
greenhouse (mainly for tomatoes - just barely peeking out from the right edge
of the apple tree) and a small workshop.                                     


Created: December 13, 2001
Updated: December 14, 2001