Corgie Dog "Danny Boy" - Botesdale, Suffolk, UK - 1953

1953 Photo of Corgie Dog 'Danny Boy'

1953 Photo of Corgie Dog 'Danny Boy' with me

(1998 Snappy 3.0 captures with 8-mm camcorder from 127 negatives on light box)

   These are from 1953 of our Welsh Corgie (the Windsor Family's favorite  
breed).  It was a pedigree item gotten soon after we'd lost our cat.  (It  
had wandered off over the Easter weekend and gotten a paw busted in a rat  
trap.  When taken to the vet the first lot of the anesthesia given wore off
before he was finished, and the second one resulted in a fatal OD - just   
think what litigation that'd be likely to cause in the US these days!)     

   Anyway, this dog, Danny Boy, didn't endear himself to the village -     
attacking just about anyone else (e.g., breadman) that came along.  We had 
to get a muzzle and leash made for it.  When it decided to kill some of the
landlady's chickens its days of residency were numbered.  It was given to  
an area pub, the Rose & Crown, where it must have very quickly formed some 
strong new loyalties to those there who then fed it!                       


Created: December 12, 2001
Updated: December 12, 2001