First Grade Class 1953-54
US Dependents School
Shepherds Grove, Suffolk, UK

1953-54 First Grade Class Photo US Dependents School - Shepherds Grove, Suffolk, UK 1st-grade classroom, Quonset/Nissen Hut Incinerator Stack Lavatory Building Principal Mr. F Miss Flora Auchmuty Pat Dyer Danny Skinner Tommy Benbow Wakin Tommy McLeish Larry Ross Douglas Farwig stream of water! well-worn knees on pants! playground pavement

(image map - use cursor)

   Our class room is at the left edge (the Quonset Hut with curtains in the
windows.)  The large building behind is the lavatory, with an incinerator  
stack behind its left end.                                                 

   A rather blustery day for the photo on the playground as evidenced by   
our Principal's hair being blown about.  Our teacher, Miss Auchmuty, passed
away in the mid 1980's along with her sister in their native Mississippi in
their 90's (according to SSDI on-line records).                            

   Here's the Class Roster derived from an April 29, 1954 issue of the Base
Paper, Sabre Tales.                                                        

Linda Ann Aaron      Tommy Benbow       Linda Burgess       Dale Dailey    
Pat Dyer             Douglas Farwig     Cliffie Flewett     John Hicks     
Bruce McEltree       Tommy McLeish      Karl Myer           Frank Ogden    
Sharon Palmer        Ellen Patterson    Karen Pile          Linda Regan    
Buddy Rogers         Larry Ross         Mark Roth           Michael Snetlik
Danny Skinner        Gary Taylor        Tommy Tilton        Clayton Upton  
John Watkin                                                                

   As this is an image map, putting the cursor on there will divulge who is
who (the few that I can still put names to).  If your browser wont render  
that, then I am the one in the front row with the big buckle on the coat   
just left of the kid with the plaid coat!                                  

The front page of my report card.
(If that didn't fully display, then here.)


Created: December 12, 2001
Updated: December 12, 2001