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Historical museum Jan-Anne Beijerinck, Capelle a/d IJssel
Foto museum Jan-Anne Beijerinck

PI53RTD is one of the 12 PI53-stations active in the weekend of Feb 1-2, 2003 to remember the help of radioamateurs by the greatest flood-disaster, occured in the southwestern part of the Netherlands 50 years ago on February 1st, 1953.

From that day 1835 people and ten thousands of animals where perished in the sea. 200.000 Acres of land flooded and 4500 buildings were destroyed. An emergency communications radio network was established by the Dutch radioamateurs with their often home built radio-equipment. During 10 days, since the first hours of the disaster, this emergency communications radio network was on the air non stop on "channel 3700 (kHz)" and provided communication with all the disaster area's, and saved lot's of human lives. 

PI53RTD is operating from the historical museum Jan-Anne Beijerinck just a couple of kilometers to the east of Rotterdam in one of the area's hit by the high waterlevels. The steam pumpingstation, build in 1869, is the only one left of it's kind in Holland. It's still fully funtional running on electric power, but more modern and powerfull units, a couple of kilometers away took over the work. The museum is open every saturday afternoon.

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Operators of PI53RTD:

Pleun PA3CYS (station manager), Ted PA3AMA, Wim PA3ABP, Nico PA0NHC, Henk PA0HPV, Arjan PA1AO, Peter PB2RDF, Erik PE1NOJ, Theo PA3AWJ and Edwin PA3GVQ.

Here you can find some pictures we took at the museum during the weekend.

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