The HAM-radio homepage by PE2KMV will be (re-)moved to a different server. As I've lost my accessdata, I wasn't able to change / update my page for centuries. I've stopped counting the mails I've sent to QSL.NET with requests to either send me some new accessdata or completely remove my webpage. Not a single one was answered.

This means: QSL.NET can't act as a serious hostingprovider

Dear OM, my site will move to a different location. No QSL.NET for me anymore. If you are still happy by the service of QSL.NET, just don't let your opinion be influenced by me, and have fun. For my part I will QSY to another hostingprovider.

Best '73 de Ronald - PE2KMV

Just by having some luck I've retrieved my QSL.NET accessdata...