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Dutch Ham Radio Site


Search Engines

Yahoo , Altavista Simple / Advanced , Ftp Search Astalavista , Lycos

ISP Sites

A2000 Home / A2000 Public , Hotmail

 Computer Info

Internet Secrurity Protocol , Citrix Winframe & Metaframe
Whizkid Technomatic , Microsoft Devolpers ,
PC BIOS Updates , Crc Explained

Electronics Sites

Tomi Engdahl's electronics info page ,
Barend Hendriksen , Conrad , Electronic Products
Analog Devices

Ham Sites 

Funk Amateur , PI6ATV , PacSat Homepages
Harry's Homebrew Page , Fc's Electronic Circuits

Software Sites W95 , Unix & NT , WinFiles

Dutch Online News Papers

De Telegraaf , De Volkskrant , NRC handelblad ,
Het Parool

American Online News Papers

The NewYork Times , CNN

Dutch Online Databases

Telefoonboek , Shell Routeplanner , NS Reisplanner ,
KLM vluchtplanner , ANWB Verkeersinfo NL / A'dam
NOS Teletekst Index/Nieuws/Weer , Postcodeboek ,
OV Reiswijzer , TV-Gids , GoudenGids , Weer in Detail

Fun Sites

Everything you always wanted to know about....

Link Sites

The Net King , Edwin van Aalst Homepage ,
Wie-Wat-Waar pagina

Astronomical Sites

Solor Eclipse in Europe

Energy Sites

Powerball H2 , Cold Fusion , Time Machine , Windpower

Digital Audio

GimpTunes , WasHandje

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