Hi OM,

My first 'QSO'. My name is Han, my QTH is Thorn in JO21WD Regio31. I'm only QRV on 2 and 6 mtr. I had my first radio experiences with radio amateurism when I was a scout. In 1981 I had my first "QSO" (see the photograph, I'm the one in the middle HI). I was infected with the virus, but it took me 10 years to get my licence and another 11 years to put the antennas on the roof and install the transcievers. In those 11 years I've used a homebrewed HB9CV hung up in my shack and only listened to local stations. My next goal is to learn CW, so you will hear me on the bands upto 30 MHz.

2 mtr Station

Antenna On 2 mtr I work with an Icom
Transciever: IC260E, 10 watts output
Antenna : 6 el cubical quad, 10 mtr above the ground

6 mtr Station

On 6 mtr I work with a Yaesu
Transciever: FT690RII, 10 watts output
Antenna : 4 el 48MHz TV antenna, 8,5 mtr above the ground
Lineair : BNOS LF50-10-50, 50 watts output

HF Station

On HF I work with a Yaesu
Transciever: FT707S, 10 watts output
Antenna : G5RV inverted V

DX-record on 2 mtr: OZ1BEF in JO46OE distance: 602 km

DX-record on 6 mtr: PY5CC in GG54xx distance: 10.000 km

e-mail PE1NYZ

You can send your QSL via the buro or directly to
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