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The "Signals Collection '40-'45" is a Dutch non-profit foundation which aim is to conserve & preserve allied army, navy & airforce radio & radar equipment which was used and/or build by the allies during the second world war.

Beside collecting the electronics & communications equipment (starting with the pigeon and field telephone equipment up to the famous H2S radar) we are trying to get it as complete and original as possible.
Of course we don't rest before the equipment works. However I have a license I don't have the time as every time a new restoration object is waiting...

 The Collection started a very long time ago with only one 19-set, (yea what else.....) happily the beginning was in the “good years” and equipment was rather easy to find.

These web-pages were started in December 1998 to give everybody info about the Collection and the equipment which was used by the allies during the second world war.  Most pages are an on-going project (especially the electronic warfare section) so if you have more info or see mistakes please let me know!
We hope you enjoy these pages!

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Also on this site the Radio & Radar discussion forum,  where you can put your questions and/or reply to other readers questions. Also a Electronics & Communications classifieds, where you can put you wanted and/or offer equipment/parts.
Feel free to use it, and please respond to other users!

I hope you all enjoy these pages, any comments appreciated!


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