In our collection we have several unidentified items.
If you recognise one of these items, or can help us to identify, please let us know.

Any help is much appreciated!

Automatic Keying Device Type 1

A very nice mechanical device.
The Morse code can be set on the left (about 25 characters)
Interval setting can be made on the right (between 15 and 240 seconds)

All mechanical, output is only a switch (key) contact which will go to an transmitter.

Where would this be used? Beacon, Airfield ID, or.....???

Any idea?

Air Ministry, Loading unit Aerial type 111
Sure for ground use, only used with..........

Time Base unit Type 121
This unit started life as a BC-929 (APN-2), but was heavily modified !
And NO, it's NOT a HAM modification, see the ID plate! I also have seen a second one!
Previous owner thought it could be part (or used with) talking Rebecca.......

Yes, the connectors are now laying loose, but they should be there! (as seen on the other unit) 


Mystery RCA AR-60, click here!

Can anybody identify these two Air Ministry switchboards?

Switchboard type B 5G/1947
Serial no 24
Right: 5A/1948
Astral Engineering

Receiver RL-85

Pye ?

Use ?


Needed items...

For our collection we are searching for the following parts. (and much other......)
If you can help us please send an
We have lots of equipment for swop, please tell us what you are searching for !

For our DF trailer project we are looking for:
  • Other survivors
  • Loop coupling unit B/C
  • Aerial loop DF
  • Aerial loop DF No 5B and 5C
For completing our Lancaster we are looking for:
  • Pilots seat
  • Steering wheel & column
  • Aileron / Elevator / Rudder trimming tab control parts
For completing the Chevrolet we are searching for:
  • The battery charging switch which is mounted on the chore horse compartment
  • any stowage instructions. (what belongs where)
For our Bendix radio installation in "Canadian Mosquito style" we are looking for the following Bendix Items:
  • Station Box MI-22
  • Loading unit MT-53
  • Power supply MP-28
  • Dynamotor MP-5A24
  • Remote control MR-1B
  • Crank drive MR-15
  • Mounting MR-38AA
  • Tuning meter MT-31
  • Key morse MT-11
For the Airborne Interceptor MkVIII we are looking for:
  • Tx/Rx TR 3151
  • Tx unit type 3549
  • Power unit type 225
  • Control unit type 5 & 462
  • Junction Box type 67
On the Army radio stuff we are looking for:
  • Mounting WS-11
  • WS-53 control unit No.15
  • WS-9 Aerial coupling equipment B & F
On the Airforce radio stuff we are looking for:
  • APR-4 tuning units 19 & 54
  • Breeze connectors
  • Antenna loading unit CU-26 (ART-13)
  • Power unit 224 & 280 (H2S)
  • Power unit PE-98 (SCR-522)
  • Test set type 65 (1154/1155)
  • Connectors female for ARR-2
  • Control unit C-45/ARC-1
  • Control unit C-115/ARC-1
  • Control unit C-35/ARR-2A
  • Control unit C-116/ARR-2A
  • Control equipment for TR-9
  • Antenna switching unit SA-4/APA-1
For Naval homing / BA installation
  • Junction box 148 or X709
  • Volume Control type 9
  • Beacon on/off switch t894
  • Beacon on/off switch t170
  • Magnetic Relay switch
  • Relay type P2

If you have no frame, or to many
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