10GHz and 24 GHz

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10 GHz beacon setup

This consists of a pulsmodulated 1152 MHz LO source, with a 96 MHz xtal as startfrequency, an amplifier with BFR96,  2 * BFQ34  and a SRD multiplier.
A 2 pole bandpassfilter on 10368 MHz and a 30 cms parabolic dish with a dipolefeed completes the beacon.
baken 10 Ghz
10 Ghz baken
                     Detail of the experimental beacon 
Overview of the 24 GHz beacon setup.

The beacon is build with DMC surplus RF parts. An DRO locked with a PLL on 23.7 GHz is mixed with a pulsmodulated LO around 348 MHz to make a frequency in the 24048 GHz band.
This signal is filtered and amplified to a level of 100 mW and terminated with an isolator. The antenna is a 30 cms parabolic dish with a dipole feed. 
24 GHz Baken
24 GHz Baken

Overview of the experimental 24 GHz beacon

Both beacons brotherly together !

beide bakens