Radio amateurs across the world use repeaters to communicate with other amateurs. This page has the frequencies or links to pages with frequencies of several European countries.

What is a repeater

A repeater is special transceiver that listens at an input frequency and transmits everything it hears at an output frequency. So when you can reach the repeater, you can talk with everyone who can reach that repeater. These repeaters are often used by mobiles to have a talk while underway.

Access to the information

There are two ways to access the available information on this page.

Official sites

Sites maintained by the official organisations in the country are marked with Official. This doesn't mean, the pages without this icon are bad or not maintained. It is only meant to be extra information for you.

Please, help me!

I can't keep this pages up to date all by myself. I need information. So if a country isn't listed or if anything has changed, please let me know!! If your find any information that could be of any value for this page, let me know. I'm still looking for links to as many European countries as possible! There are too many white countries on the map.