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I'm a radio-amateur since 1980 and very interresting in radio's "from the good old times". PD0MRH is living in the residence called: Groningen in the Netherlands. My first name is Bert. In the future, I will build here a nice web-page, but first I must link to other web-sites. I must make a lot of nice pictures from all my antique radio's and then you will see it here !! but sorry, I'm a very busy man with other things.


Some Links:

The Dutch amateur-organisation VRZA where I am member.

A Very nice site of a LF amateur: PD1AOT

Our regionaly "ronde"... de PronkjewailRonde...

Some amateur-sites in my region: PA3FRJ PD0JBR PD0RGD PA3BLY

One of my favorite "Antique Radio-site"


And more Radiolinks. And more RAMlink


My E-mail adress is: pd0mrh@qsl.net

This page is "under construction".


And now!!! a Dutch commercial from our telecomcompany:



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