10M Antennas
New 3 Element homebrew long yagi
Our new 3 element homebrew yagi is a conventional design with a director, driven element and a reflector, the antenna is driven using a delta match and 1/2 wave 4:1 balun. The boom length is 3.5 Metres (11'5"). The design is wide spaced for optimal front-to-back ratio (over 20db!) and forward gain (8.7dbi). Designed and built by PA3HBB
5/8th wave vertical
The 5/8th wave vertical is a modified (by PA3HBB) Citizen Band antenna by Sirio - it can now handle 1.5 kiloWatt
Cushcraft AP8A multi-band vertical
The Cushcraft is the only antenna we have which is commercial and unmodified. It sits in the garden in the middle of the 50 sq metre groundplane at ground level.

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