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9M8CC shack
Hamradio in Sarawak

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9M8CC DX-Pedition location in Sarawak


Hope that this information is enough for you to take a decision to visite the beautiful country of East Malaysia on Borneo Island (IOTA OC-088). If not feel free to ask for more information.

Our radioroom (6 pictures) is locate in the jungle a 1/2 mile from Borneo Highway, about 1 Hour (With local transport it will take 1.5 hours) drive from Kuching International Airport. Elevation is about 100 meters above sea level.

The radioroom is equipped with a Kenwood TS440 (with microfoon) with CW & SSB filters inside the set. Also there is present a Kenwood PS50 heavy duty power supply (235V-->13.8V) and a homemade PS for 8 ampere. Outside you can find the 40 ft (13.3 meters) antenne tower (under construction) with a 2 elements Hygain multiband yagi for 20/15/10 meters with a light duty rotator, it's now fix pointed to 350 degrees at 22 ft (7 meters) for Europa and US/Japan. For the low bands there is a FD4 multiband wire antenne present for 80/40/20/10 meters and for the WARC bands there is a Cruscraft R5 5 band lineair loading vertical. The situation for Europe, Japan and the US are excelent. The need of a rotor is not necessary, because the beam heading for US and Japan (5 --> 35 degrees) are in the same direction. Every year we improve the station equipment.





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