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PAWA Classifieds
PAWA classified ads are for PAWA members to list items for sale, swap or for items members are looking for.
Send an email to: Bryce, K1GAX with your item.
Please let me know if you have sold, swaped or found.
Listings will be deleted after a period of three months unless the member renews his or her listing.
All listings must be amateur radio related.
For Sale:   Hy-Gain DX-77 Advanced Windom 6 band HF Vertical antenna.  40 through 10 meters  Does not need radials!  Cost new:  $ 449.95  Asking $ 225.00 (will negotiate)
This was a donation to the PAWA and has been cleaned up. Contact:  Jack, KC1UX

Bands 10, 15, 17, 20, 30, and 40 Meters
Max Power 1500 Watts PEP
Input Connector: SO-239

Height: 29 feet
Weight:  25 pounds
Wind Survival:  60 MPH (no guy)
Recommended Mast Size:  1.75 in - 2.125 in. OD