Thank you for visiting my page, as a new pagemaster it all is still under constuction but slowly I like to expant it.
But first I like to introduce myself:
  My name is  John Michael Jankiewics and my callsign is :              
I got my C licence in 1996 with wich I was allowed to work 6 meters and all the bands from 144 mhz and higher.  My callsign at the time was PE1RKO.
But in 1997 I succeded for my morse examination and since that time my call changed to the presend one:
I love working with cw but sometimes I use phone.
As a member of differend  clubs I like to make qso's with many differend stations.
As a member of the V.E.R.O.N. I receive many QSL cards and all my QSO's will be confirmed by  QSL.

There are many side's to our hobby I find interresting and I like to show you my favotites.

some of my links are not open yet and are under construction
and will be avelable soon.


Few site's who are a plesure to visit are :
alway's welcome:
Thank you for visiting
                 and I hope to meet you
                              on one of the FREQUENCIES

        PA3HEQ      John Michael Jankiewicz