CQWW 1998 (CW contest)

Mosaic of pictures from CQ WW (CW) November 28/29 1998 - PA3HBB

Updated 13 Dec 98

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40/80 Vertical
Coax Cables
160M Dipole
20M 3 ele Yagi
40M Inverted V
AP8A Vertical
The Shack
Rotators (10&15)
Linear Amp
PK232 & 286
Some Antennas
Operators View
Antenna Switches
Collins 30L1
Site map
Beam map
15M 2 ele Yagi
10M 2 ele Yagi
10 & 15 metres
Coax cables
15M closeup
DF5RF - Gernot
Gernot - DF5RF
A busy time...
Amplifier tuning
PA3HBB operating