This year I was active again with PI4RIS during the thinking day on the air. I was very pleased that I could use the same location as during the PACC contest. I worked again with a 2 x 40 metre dipol, a Kenwood TS 850 (100 W) and a proset 5 headset from Heilsound. Michel PA3GXZ and Cees PA0CRB helped me with setting up our station. We worked mainly on 40 and 80 metres, so that we could work as many UK stations. At the end of the weekend we had 21 TDOTA stations in the log and some contacts lasted more that 30 minutes. A bit said was the contast taking over 40 metres after 14:00 GMT but we still found a free space to work some TDOTA stations. I wish to thank PA0CRB for using his farm and his mother for the great food and drinks during the weekend!

Here you some pictures about my setup.

Our location Michel canoeing to the otherside.

The antenna is on the other side

Edwin PA3GVQ in action. Our radio setup.
Our heater running on wood Our 2 x 40 metre antenna
Our look outside.