This year I was active again with our clubcall PI4RTD during the PACC contest in the weekend of 10/11 Feb. We found a nice place just outside the city where we could use bigger wire antenna's. We worked with a TS850 with a 2 * 20 metre dipole on the higher bands. And a TS-570/FT-920 on a 2 * 40 metre dipool on the lowerbands.

Next to contesting we also tested some new equipment like the Kenwood TS570, Alinco DX70TH and a SGC smarttuner. All seem to be working quite nice on the big 2 * 40 metre antenna.

Great reports received from the DX-70 on the 2 * 40 metre dipool. We worked QRP with SSB (5W) after the contest and received great 59+ reports from Wales and England on 7 MHz.

The operators of PI4RTD in the PACC contest: Cees PA0CRB, Michel PA3GXZ and myself Edwin PA3GVQ.

Here you find some pictures about our PACC setup.

Our location The 2 x 20 metre antenna for the higher bands
Cees PA0CRB and Michel PA3GXZ The 570 and smarttuner
The TS850 on the higherbands Michel testing the DX70 on QRP on 7 MHz.