Leicester Amateur Radio Show.

Michel PA3GXZ and me visit the LARS 2000 at Donington park. This a two day radio and computershow. On this page you can see some pictures I took at the Radio show.

The tower used by the talk-in station Nice for /p operation!
Howes kits The RA was there as well!
Do you need some components? 23 and 13 cm TRX's for ATV
QRO: 80 Watts at 1.3 GHz Nice kits as well. Here a ATU
Demo of APRS UI-view Look in to the hall
The side with all the radioclubs RSGB books and servicedesk
RSGB servicedesk Nice Amps!
Do you need some more power? 4 x 811's good for 800 Watt
The HF demostation Talk-in and HF Demo
Do you need valves? Or maybe some old radios?
Detail picture Ex-army stuff
More measurement equipment The beam of the HF-station
Outside YES, he was there as well HI...
RSARS a lot of members in the guestbook  
A lot of kits where availible G7WFM (right) and G4NJH (middle) G4AFJ (left)