PA3GVQ/J operated this year from the location of the scoutgroups Margrieten / Jan Stavastgroep in the south of Rotterdam. We where on the air with 3 stations. One on HF, one on 2 meters and one on 70 cm. The operators where: Willo PD1AEE, Marijke PD2MJB, Lou PD0SAY, Arjan PD0RUI and myself Edwin PA3GVQ. The first three hams are also leaders at the groups. We used a mobile crain of about 40 meters (120 ft.) as tower for our antennas. Our best DX was with an old scoutleader from Japan. We also worked 9H3MSG Malta, TF1JAM in Iceland and PA6JAM our HQ station in the Netherlands. The longest QSO on my HF station was with GB5BG (Birstall Guides) and PA5KT, both for more than half a hour. We didn't make any calls in contest mode, but took our time. Especially when there where lots of scouts on both sides. (That's my idea about jota)

I hope you like the pictures I took during the weekend. And be free to send any comments.

The balenced line feed for HF (homebrew HI) The way to the crain
The HF station (TS850/MFJ969) To my left, the scouting bar
Willo working hard to make a new cable Arjan's SSTV station IC706
The margrieten clubhome A view outside of our crain
Arjan PD0RUI and his QRP & XYL Arjan explaining SSTV to Marijke PD2MJB
Arjan and Willo checking 2/70 QRP PD0RUI on 2.
The first time on the radio! Scouting Schipluiden visiting
Lou PD0SAY (in the back) our QSL manager Willo on 2
Still not working #^#%@&@%&^@!!!! Arjan giving a SSTV demo
The SSTV corner PA3GVQ/J's HF shack at night!
A nice view of our set up 2/70 beam, 2/70 vertikal and 2x20mtr inverted V