Jille - Venlo
My QTH is Venlo in the south-east part of The  Netherlands, in JO31ci,  just near the DL-border.  I  am  QRV  on  all HF-bands 160m - 10m, 6m, 4m, 2m,  70cm and 23cm. Using a DXSR-VB 500 vertical all-band with 100 Watt for 1.8 MHz to 29 MHz. On  50 MHz,  my  favorite  band,  100 Watt  in  a 4 elements. For 70 MHz  using  50 Watt  in a 4 elements. On 144 MHz  using  100  Watt  in  a  7  elements. On 432 MHz using   50  Watt  in  a  7  elements   direction  SSE  indoor.
On 1296 MHz running 10 Watt into a 16 elements. Experimental on 2.3 GHz, 10 GHz and 500 kHz.
For satellite 50 Watts into  a 4  elements  on  435 MHz and just 10  Watts  in a  3 elements  on 145 MHz, both elevated and  indoor.  QRV  in  SSB,  CW,  AM,  FM,  JT6M,  JTMS, ISCAT,  JT65,  FSK441,  WSJT,  ROS, WSPR, RTTY, PSK 31,  SSTV  and  AX.25.  Via Satellite mode 145/29, 435/145 and  145/435,  Oscar 7,  VO-52, FO-29,  JAS, HamSat, and ISS. QRV via ON4KST.com for skeds.