PA3DUV Winlink 2000 DX Station

The Winlink 2000 pactor DX station operates 24h per day and is open to all users with a valid amateur radio license. The station is scanning a number of HF bands and offers comprehensive e-mail store and forwarding services for mobile stations or remote stations without access to the internet.
The Winlink 2000 PMBO can handle 5 users on 5 different ports at the same time. Each port is single user so if you find a port occupied  just check back later. Each port scans 2 frequencies in one particular band so the cycle time is 5 seconds per band.
I aim for maximum reliability of the system and long haul accessibility, for any questions or suggestions please drop me an e- mail at
In critical emergencies the PMBO can operate at 12 kW+  ERP levels in order to provide  a life saving link to any place in the world.
Full 20 kW diesel backup power is available.

Scanning frequencies