MOONBOUNCE: the greatest challenge in Amateur Radio !

This page is a small and personal contribution to the existing knowledge and experience on moonbounce

Moonbounce which is also known as EME (Earth Moon Earth) is a way of making radio contact on VHF and higher
frequencies using the moon as a passive reflector !

To make world-wide contacts, on frequencies where this is normally not possible, is a real technical challenge !
This site offers a brief description of my station and my personal experience


The equipment:

Here is a short description of the equipment I use to make EME contacts

  • You can use a less equiped station and smaller antennas to gain good results but you need to work even harder...
  • Using digital modes instead of cw seems to work well with less equipment



Here are some pictures of my antennas as I started in 1997 and I have nowadays

  • I started in 1997 with 4x12el M2 antennas with 70cm and 23cm antennas inside
  • Later I removed the 70cm and 23cm aerials to improve reception
  • Seperated cables for TX and RX were added
  • Summer 2003 the system was rebuild to 6x12el M2 antennas



On this page you will find the initial (first) contacts that I made with this mode

Note that all these contacts were made with cw !

Contacts with digital modes as JT44/JT65 are mentioned separately



Here you will find some links to other websites with good and comprehensive information
on moonbounce and relative issues