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Qth Uden JO21TP

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Iwas born in 1948 in the south part of Holland a place named HEERLEN. Since 1974 I live in Uden, a small town near Eindhoven. from 1967 up to 1973 I joined the AIR-FORCE, most of the time based in Germany.

Since 1979 I'am involved in HAM Radio and got my first novice call PD0BEP. In 1983 I passed the CW and Technical examination and became PA3CII. I spend a lot of time in Packet radio using the famous NOS packet applications, starting with NOS then WNOS and now JNOS. JNOS is the current server I'am running with call PI1UDN-9 (sys2.pi1udn.ampr.org) with ip nr., which is accessible via the Internet.

As from December 1st 2000, I changed my callsign into PA5JS

My second Hobby is traveling over the world. Since 1989 I spent every Winter some weeks in the Carribean, visit almost every Island by Yacht. My profession is Network & Communications and I'am working for a Music Company. I do travel a lot for my company all over the world, but most of the time I have to work in these countries, so no sightseeing or Ham-radio activities.

Below you will find some impressions of my trip to Corsica & Sardinia last year.

In April 2000 I go to French New Caledonia(FK), Solomon Islands(H44) and Vanuata(YJ) on our Yacht 'Findings". If I find some time I will use the Radio and make some contacts. The trip is scheduled for April 9th - May 9th. 2000. 

See some pictures of my trip to Sardenia & Corsica 1999

pa3cii Jun01_03 Jun01_04 Jun01_06 Jun01_11 Jun11_05
Jun01_02.jpg Jun01_03.jpg Jun01_04.jpg Jun01_06.jpg Jun01_11.jpg Jun11_05.jpg
Jun13_09 Jun15_08 Jun18_06 Jun20_10 Jun20_11 Jun25_04
Jun13_09.jpg Jun15_08.jpg Jun18_06.jpg Jun20_10.jpg Jun20_11.jpg Jun25_04.jpg
Jun26_03 kkk PhotoPC maandag 5 april 1999 341 13
Jun26_03.jpg kkk.jpg PhotoPC maandag ...

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