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Going abroad started very 'humble' On a family holiday trip in 19... we went to Luxembourg .With a hand held YAESU FT-207 and a home made antenna we found a high spot to become active as PA3AXU/LX on 144 MHz ... Later holidays included activity on HF too.

In the 1983-1986 timeframe I was posted as a major of the NL Army on the Supreme Headquarters of the Allied Powers Europe, and was active as ON8DG.

The first major activity outside of Europe was as I was posted as Signal Advisor to the "Multinational Force and Observers"-Force. This force was the result of the tri-lateral agreement between the USA, Israel and Egypt ; the so-called CAMP DAVID agreement. I can tell you it was an experience ... to be accused by SU1ER and OE6EEG to be a "PIRATE". However the activity was accepted by the ARRL to be "good for DXCC". I was happy to give a lot of hams all over the world a new one in CW, and ... QSL via the bureau is OK !!!

A short brake brought me in ...to one of the EA8 Islands : Fuertaventura. Apart of sunbathing some radio activity was developed as EA8/PA3AXU from the balcony of the apartment, Simple with the GPA-30 of Fritzel and the YAESU FT-707, that had proven its reliability in the Sinai.

After a brainwave, Ria, my XYL, and I decided to make a trip around the world in 1997. Amsterdam-Fiji-North Eastern Australia-The Philippines, and back home in 28 days. From Fiji, I was active as 3D2XU, for 3 days only. Some pictures of this trip can be found here. Fiji was my choice as I learned people from Fiji during my stay in Egypt, and I was anxious to see these "strong" men in their home country.

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