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PCH 's final words

On 31 december 1988 for the last time radiowatch was kept by Scheveningenradio on 500 and 2182 kHz. This made an end on one of the most respectable coaststation in the Northsea area. Its tasks were taken over by PBK. From this final transmission G3XXF made a recording. A copy from a copy and a low samplerate ect anyway you can still listen to the final morse message. For non morse the dialogue is hereunder.

PCH: pch = = at 2300utc pch is closing down on 500 and 2182khz contineous watch on these frequencies will be taken over by netherlands coastguard station/pbk = = old stations never die they just fade away+ pch AR
PCH: (bevestiging) ii
???: ii
PCH: tu (Thank You)
GCC (Cullercoatsradio): pch de gcc tks su (See You)
PCH: bibi (BaaiBaai)
GCC: ii
GND (Stonehaven): de gnd tu ii
SALT (Zweedse boot): de salt tu su
OST: de ost /tu su
PCH: su
DAN (Nordeichradio): dan dan tks su
PCH : su
GDBC: (ferry by hoek van holland geeft vertek uit de haven (hk=hoek van holland)
pch de gdbc gdbc tr (TransRoute positiebericht qto=ik verlaat de haven van) hk and bibi
PCH:qsl bibi
GLD (Landsendradio): pch de gld hny (happy new year) tu su
PCH: qsl su
FFU: (=BrestLeConquetradio bij de ingang van HetKanaal)
PCH: pch de ffu bi

Scheveningenradio 500kHz MP3

Last morse message of PCH

The file here is taped message, not quite original , but it has its value. At that momen PCH stopped al its service on HF.

cq cq cq de pch pch pch = last message = after 94 years of maritime radiocommunications scheveningen radio will close all services today at 1500utc stop at this mont at great numbers of personnel, former personel and staff is gathered in the pch-building stop we all remember the exce07/25/2005 17:18nations and wish you and the crew for the last time a safe voyage and a prosperous newyear = operations manager pch +



Some nostalgia... Found on a tape which I carried along as wireless operator for use of taping the press bulletin, weatherreports ect. A so called CQ-tape indicating that PCH was open for business and one could call on the approriate frequencies. PCH had very sophisticated receivers fully remotely controlled from various spots in the Netherlands. Transmitters were however not been heard everywhere. The so-called blind spots were covered by relay-vessels, relaying traffic which was keyed blind from PCH. Sometimes it was strange to see that one day PCH was QSA5 and the other day just a few hundred miles further only noise was hissing on that band.te horen.


Another one from the 8Mhz


PCH final on A3

Live recording PCH shut down it's voicechannel





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