Vereniging voor Experimenteel Radio Onderzoek Nederland

Welcome on PA1EZN's Homepage


Name = Wilbert
QTH = Nijmegen
QTH locator = JO 21 WV
Country = The Netherlands

Dear OM, YL, XYL,

Welcome at my Homepage about my hobby: hamradio,

In this page you will find things about the equipment I built and the QSO's I made.
I'm not one of those electronic freaks that make everything look very professional. I'm just a guy who likes to work with a hot iron and electronic parts. Mostly I don't care how it looks only if it works.

So first something about my Shack. Since I moved to a new House I don't have a real shack anymore. Oh it will come, but first the wive's studyroom, the garden and everything else. Even a Ham has to have the right priorities ;-)). On the top floor of the house I have a table. Two Rig's for HF (FT-7 and a Swan 350B) a pile of junk and a wire of about 14 meters lenght. It works fine ;-))It's the place in our house where I can make a real mess. So it's mine.
There are no antenna's for UHF-VHF yet, they will come.

What did I built?
Mostly I start building something when I need it. So sometimes I make myself some measuring equipment. A functiongenerator, a simple spectrumanalyzer (from 50 to 500 MHZ), an SWR meter up to 1 GHZ and offcourse a griddipper were born in my shack. Naturally I build these items to help me built other things. For packetradio I modified an ATF2 mobile telephone from Siemens. It gives me about 12 watts on 70 cm. When my antenna for 70 cm has been placed PI8JYL will be my home BBS.
For 6 meter I have build an SSB transceiver with half a watt output. It feeds an amplifier, which gives me about 40 watts PEP. Working, and most of all listening, on six was a Real eye opener for me. I wouldn't believe that I could work with 500 mW and a vertical antenna with countries 1500 km away. I have even heard stations from Tunisia and Romania (about 2000 km). AMAZING!!! Now do I have the most fun in building stuff not working with it but SIX is different. Especially the situation that you reach at one moment about 40 km and the next you hear stations 1000 km away.
It's possible that we get permission to work on 4 meters soon. I'm building already.
Oh yes, I modified a KF161 mobile siemens transceiver for 2 meter but I'm not using it. For 2 meter I use a TS 700 Kenwood transceiver. A golden oldie. "Why" will you say. This man is talking about building things and now he is using some fabric made transceiver.
It brings me to my next subject

How did I get infected with hobby? When I was about 12 years old I was a scout. The group, from which I was a member, was active on the Jamboree on the Air (JOTA). There I saw those with tubes build transceivers, the Hugh antenna's and heard the QSO's with other scouts all over the world. Listening on one of those machines in the middle of the night with a hot cup of coffee and a woodfire on the background sold me at once. I was hooked. My first QSO I made there on a TS 700. It was in Dutch. So I could understand it. It was already difficult enough with those SSB "Donald Duck" like voices you heard. In the years that followed I always joined the Jamboree and I got my license (C). Different scout groups. First as a member and later as HAM. In the last years I have been able to participate in 14 jamborees. For me the JOTA and HAMradio are joined together as Siamese twins.
O, yes the TS 700 makes me feel back at that woodfire and 12 again so it will always be in my shack.

In the year 2001 I got my A-license. The news that, probably, after the next WARC wouldn't be a must to get my A-license made me start practising CW. It has always been a boys dream of me to succed in CW. So it was now or never. 11 december 2001 I did my examination and got my new callsign (former PE1EZN).

Last year I bought my first RIG for HF. I fell in love with an old tube transceiver the SWAN 350B. In the first QSO I had I blew up the PA Tube (6LQ6). One big flash and everything was dead. Tried to get a new one but I only could find a second hand for a price I could buy another RIG. What I could find for a nice price where a few 6146's. They don't give as much power as a 6LQ6 but who cares. I put a new tube connector in the RIG and with the 6146 it is working fine now (aprox. 40 watts CW). A picture of this Rig, some links and the documentation you find here

Wilbert Thank you for visiting my site, and I hope to hear you on the air!
TNX and 73's Wilbert Schoenmakers PA1EZN


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